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Harvey Gallery

Harvey Gallery
Harvey Gallery Art Fountains
Harvey Gallery Art Indoor FountainsHarvey Gallery fountainsare a Pennsylvania based studio that creates elegant, hand-crafted art fountains for the past 40 years. They are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a truly exceptional accent for the space.Harvey Gallery makes music-inspired fountains, fine art fountains and contemporary fountains. Many styles are inspired by famous works by Monet, Picasso and other significant fine artists. Along with the traditional benefits of water fountains like relieving stress, alleviating noise, and humidifying the air, they are also magnificent. The unique works of fine art and abstract design will bring character and sophistication to your space.The artists in the gallery design, hand-build and hand-paint every fountain. 
Harvey Gallery’s signature hand-painted water fountains feature heat-finished copper frames with hand-painted art panels.The backdrop is made of a material called Lexan, which is exceptionally durable and substantially unbreakable. The picture is hand painted on the back side of the Lexan acrylic panel.The water then streams down over the artwork, giving it a glossy, sparkling texture. The final step is applying a sealant for total protection against water damage.
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