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7 Amazing Planter Sets To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Garden

August 27, 2023 3 min read

7 Amazing Planter Sets To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Garden

Typically, Planters are mere containers in which you can grow Plants but the right size and shape of a planter can take your gardening experience to a whole new level. The right kind of Planter not only holds your plants and flowers in place but enables them to flourish and helps keeping your garden evergreen.

Planters are helpful for providing excellent drainage of water while preventing the fertile soil from being washed away, retaining its nutritional benefits for the plants and shrubs by keeping the soil moist.

Planter Sets not only benefit the plants but also lay as a decorative ornament in your garden. Also, Planter Sets that come in various sizes are the best option to consider when you want to have a monochromatic color scheme. The different planter sizes enable you to choose the correct one depending on the size and growth of your plant. 

Benefits of Planters

Helps in keeping the soil moist and retained by enabling excess water drainage.

Gives you more control over the ratio of soil, compost & fertilizers to be used. You can alter the soil depending upon the different requirements of different plants.

Planters are Portable, making it easy for you to move your plants, shrubs, vegetables or flowers as and when required. This enables you to shift the plant depending upon the weather conditions.

Planter sets comprises of various sizes enabling you to choose the right size for each of your plant accordingly.

Helps in achieving a well organised look and prevent your garden from looking like a jungle.

Planters come in various sizes, finishes, materials and textures that can make your space aesthetically appeasing.

The Amazing Planters To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Garden are as below:

Sand Dollar Planters - Set of 4

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The Sand Dollar Planters give a luxurious, chic look to your plants. This is set of four Planters of varying sizes constructed of Glazed Pottery. Available in 5 colors to choose from, these planters feature a intricately textured finish that will add a touch of style to your garden. It is one of the best decorative planters for your garden

Riga Planters - Set of 3

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Introducing the Riga Planters! This set of 3 varying sizes planters are constructed of glazed Terra Cotta. They feature an eye-catching ribbed surface texture and are available to choose from two colors. These are sure to bring beauty and sophistication to any garden. 

Banyan Planters - Set of 2

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The Banyan Planters are a set of two tall decorative outdoor planters that are constructed of Glazed Terra Cotta. These planters look elegant with the Rustic Green finish. The tall vase-like shape of these planters is sure to elevate the height of your plants making them visually appealing. Make sure to get these from Majestic fountains and More.

Zaha Bowl Planters - Set of 3

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The Zaha Bowl Planters is available as a set of 3 Planters that are constructed of Cold painted Pottery. They look amazing with the beautiful textured finish. These are the Perfect Bowl Planters for little shrubs. They look graceful with their white coral finish and are sure to add an elgant flair to your garden.

Caipirinha Planters - Set of 3

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The Caipirinha Planters feature a textured finish and are available in 2 colors i.e Volcanic Coral and White Coral. These outdoor bowl planters come as a set of 3. Each Planter has disctinctive dimensions. These planters are of great quality and look fabulous.

Dimple Planters - Set of 3

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As the name suggests, the dimple planter features a dented design that appears like dimples all over the planters. They are available as a set of 3 planters with different dimensions. The Glazed material makes them appear with an ombre effect that looks stunning. Get this amazing set of Planters for your garden from Majestic fountains and More.

Round Ruffle Planters - Set of 3

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Decorate your outdoor living space with the Round Ruffle Planters - Set of 3 in Glazed Terra Cotta By Campania. These beautiful planters feature lovely round ruffle designs and are crafted of durable glazed terra cotta that will last, giving you season after season of beauty. Add them to your garden and experience the elegance and charm they bring!


Our Opinion:

A healthy and green garden is sure to fill your heart with Joy and Happiness. It is the plants and flowers that brings life to garden and it’s very important to provide them with the right care. Planters make it quite easy for you to provide your garden with the right amount of everything including the aesthetic flair.

Planters come in various sizes and Materials. There are decorative ceramic planters and then there are decorative terra cotta planters. The right size and kind will help your plants grow and garden glow! Majestic fountains and More have got you covered with every kind so you can spoil yourself with all the options available.

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