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Ceramic Vase Fountains

 What makes these Vase so unique?

Ceramic Vase Fountaains


Not every ceramic pot can be turned into a vase. Firing temperatures, ceramic thickness, and heating/cooling times determine whether a vase can withstand the constant pressure of water inside. These Patent protected USA-Made Ceramic Vases are created via unique process specially crafted to withstand the water pressure overtime. Each hand-glazed fountain vase in our collection has an individual character and is a distinctive, original piece of art. 


Vase Fountain

The rustic stoneware and glazed earthenware fountain vases featured in our collection were created from clay soils on pottery wheels or through the use of press molds. These Ceramic Vase Fountains come in Pre-packaged kits giving you all you need for a DIY installation. Everything you need form pre-plumbed Vase with flow control Valve, Underground Basin, pump, tubing and water treatments are included in the kit. You can transform your outdoor space in a matter of few hours!

There isn’t a more complete and professional-grade fountain system available on the market. The best part is we deliver right to your door, ready for installation!

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