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Gallery of Water features with Logo and Engravings

Logo and Engravings on Indoor Water Fountains: 

Indoor Water features with Logo and engravings

You can personalize the Fountain with your Company's logo image or choose to have words engraved. These can be done with one or multiple stones, and you can choose to use one or multiple colors. Two different types of techniques are used to apply logos to the surface.  

  • Logo, Image, or Words:¬†Send us a high-resolution digital image of the Company Logo. Best suited is a vector file in eps extension. Send us¬†images or Words to be inscribed. We will provide you with a mock-up for finalization.¬†¬†
  • Glass or Mirror Surfaces:¬†¬†Vinyl is most commonly used on Glass surfaces. The logo or words are cut from a Vinyl material and applied to the opposite side where the water will not run over it. Etching the logo or words on the Glass or Mirror front surface. Is another technique used frequently? This gives a frosted look.¬†
  • Stone or Slate Surfaces:¬†Logos and words on Natural stones like Slate, Marble, Travertine, and even feather-stone can be placed by engraving and then filling it with color. Sandblasting is also a method used at times. A large selection of Pantone colors is used for this.¬†


Here are some examples of Wall Fountains with Logo and Engravings 

Here are some examples of Floor Fountains with Logo and Engravings 


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