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Are Water Features Noisy?

Sound of a fountain is an important factor to be considered before you get one for your space.  Apart from your personal choices, other factors like type of space, purpose of the space, area and surroundings are also few of the deciding factors before choosing between a  loud fountain or a silent fountain. Consider the below mentioned points before you decide to purchase a fountain for your home or business spaces.

  • Water speed of the fountain impacts the sound. 
  • Reflection of sound on surfaces can lead to greater sound. So place the fountain near the walls to reflect the sound.
  • Water levels also affect the sound, greater the distance between the source and the surface on which the water falls will impact the sound.
  • Acoustics and environmental choices will enhance the sound or can also suppress the sound.
  • Different materials of fountain create a variety of sounds. Metal fountains are louder compared to stone fountains
  • Size and shape of the fountains impact the sound. Wide bowls, more number of tiers, hollow bowls or flat surfaces can result in various sounds. 
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Important benefits of an Indoor Fountain and Water Features

An indoor water feature fountain can instantly create that ambience you are looking for. The cascading sparkling water is soothing to the eyes and can easily get the attention of any visitor. Indoor water fountains also bring you health benefits while enhancing your ambience. It will calm your mind, relieve stress, improve your sleeping patterns and air quality, all this and more as it adds to the aesthetic of your space in a home or office. 

  • Improves air quality
  • Acts as a humidifier
  • Relieves stress
  • Generate a pleasant White noise
  • Improves sleep

Indoor water features and fountains bring you health benefits while enhancing your ambience.

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3 most important tips to Winterize Outdoor Water Fountains

Winterize your Outdoor fountain by following these 3 easy steps before the first frost sets in. Caring for your fountain and protecting them against harsh winter temperatures adds years of life to them. You can enjoy your outdoor water feature and fountain for a lifetime! 

Please refer to our User Guide to Winterize Outdoor Water Features for detailed instruction on Winterizing various Outdoor Water Features like - Ceramic Vase fountains, Basalt and Real stone fountains, Cast Stone and GFRC fountains. 

  1. Drain the water in the fountain and pool basin
  2. Remove the pump and tubing from its electrical and water source. Store away in warm & dry place
  3. Avoid water seeping into the fountain. Covering the fountain is one of the best ways to ensure its protection. You can also dismantle and store away smaller fountains for the winter.
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What materials are used to make a Fountain?

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