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Why are Corten Steel Fire Pits so popular?

September 18, 2023 4 min read

Why are Corten Steel Fire Pits so popular?

Fire Pits provide the perfect amount of light and warmth to your outdoor space along with elevating the beauty of your place with the charm they bring along. While traditional wood burning fire pits take back us to old times, Fire pits are significantly evolved over the years as they are now available in various styles shapes and a variety of materials such as GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) and Metals including Copper, Stainless steel and Corten Steel. Of all the Contemporary Fire pits and tables, Corten Steel Fire pits are very popular and trending.

What is Corten Steel?

CORTEN steel is the generally used term for the originally named Weathered steel. It is a steel alloy that is a revolutionary powerhouse of high strength steel boasting superior weathering resistance and astonishing strength. The title CORTEN unites two defining qualities of this exceptional steel alloy: resistance to corrosion and robust tensile strength.

Where is Corten Steel used?

Corten Steel is often used in construction as this alloy of steel possesses weather resistance up to 4x to 8x that of traditional steel, this material stands tall against the elements. Creating unique architectural and sculptural works has never been easier - its rustic, one-of-a-kind finish eliminates the need for painting.

The Finish and Weathering Process of Corten steel

The uneven texture of COR-TEN® Steel grants all the Fire pits and tables made of this material a truly unique look. The Patina journey of Corten steel is very similar to of copper. It starts with a bright yellow-orange finish eventually turning into darker tone of browns over a period of time. Of course, this can be prevented by applying a coat of clear paint at any stage of patina that you desire.

The amazing features that make Corten Steel Fire Pits so Popular: 

Superior Strength: Corten steel is an alloy of steel added with various elements such as copper, chromium, nickel and phosphorous which make it strong and durable and the perfect material to create modern fire tables.

Durability: Corten's lasting strength stands out above all else. It is a robust material that is sure to withstand all the natural elements. 

Better resistance to corrosion: Although Corten steel is not completely rust free, it does have a strong and better resistance to corrosion as compared the regular steel. Corten steel grades boast remarkable hard-wearing properties that surpass those of stainless steel.

One of a Kind Look: Corten steel material has a very different texture and finish. The weathering and patina process makes the Fire pit look one of a kind. Its high aesthetic value adds to its versatility. 
Not only two pieces of the same model of a fire table looks different but the fire feature itself may look different after some time

All season material: Corten steel is designed to be a four-season material. In other words, you don't have to worry about moving your fire pit in and out after every use or before every winter season.

Top 5 Corten Steel Fire Pit tables:

The Mabel Fire Pit

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Truly Unique and attractive design of the Mabel Fire Pit Table makes it the perfect fire feature for your contemporary outdoor. The design of this modern round fire pit features an overhang atop a round base. With amazing looks and strong & sturdy Corten steel construction this fire feature is a perfect choice to elevate your outdoor space.

The Pismo Fire Pit

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The Pismo Fire table is a simple and elegant rectangular fire pit table. Constructed of high-quality Corten steel this fire is strong and durable. This Fire pit features an access door for propane tank storage and is available in sizes. Choose from manual and electronic ignition options that suit your preference.

The Unity Fire Pit

The Unity Fire Pit

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The Unity Fire table is a beautiful round fire table that is the one you need to liven up your backyard parties with your loved ones. It makes the perfect centrepiece to gather around. The amazing weathering finish of the Corten steel gives it one of a kind look. The unity Fire table is available in 3 sizes to choose from.

The Coronado Fire Pit

The Coronado Fire Pit

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The Coronado Fire Pit table in Corten Steel is the perfect accent to add the aesthetic flair to your outdoor living space. This rectangular outdoor fire pit measures 15 inches in height and is available in 6 different sizes that you can choose from depending upon your needs.

The Cabo Fire Pit

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The Cabo Fire Pit is a beautiful square fire pit by The Outdoor plus. This low-profile modern fire pit table with a height of 16 inches looks amazing. The Corten steel construction renders this fire pit strong and durable while the weathering finish looks stunning. Available in three sizes to choose from, this fire pit is sure to be the best fire pit table for your outdoor space.


Corten Steel is a strong and durable material that is perfect for constructing Fire features. The Fire Pits and fire tables constructed of Corten Steel feature a rusted appearance as they form a patina due to weathering process changing their color. Hence, the durability, sturdiness, good-quality and unique finish of the Corten steel fire pits makes them very popular. 

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