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A Definitive Guide To Indoor Water Fountains

December 01, 2021 17 min read

A Definitive Guide To Indoor Water Fountains


After a long day at work, finding a minute of calm in your mind and body can be challenging, much alone find some tranquility. When you have an indoor water fountain installed in your house, you can enjoy the soothing sounds of running water while relaxing in your oasis of tranquility. If you close your eyes, you could forget that you're sitting in your living area or at your desk at work. These indoor water fountains are not only intended to provide a calm ambiance but are also intended to serve as works of art in your home. 

Our collection of  water fountains for indoors , including a water wall, tabletop indoor, and floor fountains, is sure to offer precisely what you're searching for, thanks to the variety of design options available. Our designs are excellent conversation starters, so don't be shocked if you have guests around for dinner and they choose to congregate around the fountain rather than on the patio.

With indoor water fountains, you don't have to wait for your yearly spa day to be surrounded by complete tranquility. By incorporating the beautiful noises and tranquil ambiance of our indoor water fountain, you can easily create the same calming environment in your own house.

If you want to create an oasis in your workplace or waiting area, or if you're going to complete the appearance of your den fully, indoor water fountains are the ideal solution.

Types of Indoor Water Fountains

Everyone's design taste and style preferences for water fountains are different, and here at the Majestic Fountains and More, we are happy to offer you a wide range of alternatives to suit your needs.

Floor fountains, wall fountains, and tabletop indoor fountains are the three types of indoor water fountains that we provide. We provide a design that will go with any color scheme or décor motif across all three of our product lines. The customization possibilities for several of our water fountains' interior design alternatives are also available.

If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you have a particular water fountain type or water fountain concept in mind, our customer service staff is pleased to assist you and can aid you in finding what you're searching for. Please  contact us  for assistance.

Floor Indoor Fountains

Adagio Grandeur River 8ft High- Flush Mounted  Harvey Gallery Abraxas Harvey Gallery Moon Apparatus
Adagio Grandeur River 8ft High- Flush Mounted
Harvey Gallery Abraxas
Harvey Gallery Moon Apparatus - Floor Fountain

Various materials, such as marble and slate, are used to create our floor fountain designs. We also guarantee its excellent quality without charging a hefty fee for it. They are also between the heights of four to ten feet in height. Whatever the size, your fountain pick is guaranteed to make a statement in any setting, whether it's a home, workplace, church, or company.

Within the floor fountain choices, you can select either a panel positioned in the center or a panel mounted in the back. Our centrally located panel allows visitors to see the water flowing from across all directions, whereas our rear-located panel is flush with the wall and cannot be seen. Each panel mount is custom-made to match the materials of your fountain, resulting in a polished and streamlined overall appearance.

Using a floor fountain from our range of mirror floor fountains, slate floor fountains, and glass floor fountains, you can create the ideal ambiance for your office waiting area.

Wall Indoor Fountains

Adagio Whispering Creek Harvey Gallery Aquarium Adagio Regal Falls 10ft Wide 4 panel
Adagio Whispering Creek - Indoor Wall Fountain Harvey Gallery Aquarium - Indoor Wall Fountain
Adagio Regal Falls 10ft Wide 4 panel - Indoor Wall Fountain

Even though most people's living rooms and offices are decorated with images or paintings, not every home or office is graced with something as magnificent as an indoor wall fountain ‚Äď so if you thought we had a lot of choices with our floor fountains, wait until you see our wall fountain selection!

Designers have created patterns that range from basic to bright and colorful, and they have included everything from koi ponds and urban sceneries to autumn dusk and dazzling sunrises.

As an alternative to our standard-design wall fountains, we also have a unique variety of art wall fountain designs to choose from. These art wall fountain items push the boundaries by fusing two separate creative components into a single piece, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, stunning, and bold tabletop water fountain for your home or office that is unlike any other.

Tabletop Indoor Fountains

These fountains are available in a variety of forms and creative patterns to suit your needs. Tabletops, countertops, and other small areas with limited space make them more cost-effective than traditional wall and floor fountains. Many of them have tiny waterfalls and LED lights built into them. Bamboo, driftwood, porcelain bowls, clay jars, and gigantic piles of smooth, multicolored stones are all frequently used to create this kind of architecture. Typical elements are step-by-step water motions, downward water movement patterns, candle settings, and engravings of animals, angels, and humans.

Customized Indoor Fountains

Harvey Gallery Custom Willow Tree Wall Fountain Harvey Gallery Burning Desire  Custom Project - Infiniti Coral Gables
Harvey Gallery Custom Willow Tree Wall Fountain Harvey Gallery Burning Desire Custom Project - Infiniti Coral Gables


Purchasing prefabricated indoor water fountains may add an elegant touch to any area. However, did you know that you can add your unique touch by customizing your indoor water fountain? This is especially true if you are promoting a business. Utilizing the indoor water element as part of your business's branding is an excellent concept.

There are several customization options for your indoor water fountain. You may adjust the size, style, and design to fit any room. By customizing it, you can ensure that it stands out. However, if you want to take better advantage of your indoor water fountain, incorporating your business logo is an excellent method of promoting your brand while also unleashing your creativity. The fact is, there is something very unique about creating your water fountain. There are no restrictions on how you may personalize your indoor water fountain.

You may choose from our basic wall fountains or a unique assortment of art wall fountains like Adagio Water features. By merging two separate creative components into one, these art wall fountain items push the boundaries, leaving you with an abstract water fountain that is unique, gorgeous, and daring for your home or workplace. Wall-mounted fountains from Adagio provide a unique option for beautifying an area without taking up any floor space.

Pros and Cons of Having Indoor Fountains

Incorporating an indoor water element into your house will drastically transform the atmosphere of the room. Listening to an indoor fountain is a pleasure, and it may also function as beautiful artwork. It also works as a natural humidifier and air cleaner, and it will certainly thrill your family and friends.

A relaxing environment - A constant, hypnotic stream of water is produced by our fountains, which are intended to alleviate tension and provide a relaxing environment. Indoor fountains may also serve as a source of white noise in the home. Many customers have said that their fountains help reduce the noises of barking dogs, passing traffic, and noisy neighbors in their homes. If you decide that you require complete silence at any moment, our fountains include pulling chains or switches that may be used to cut off the water flow. Removing the chain or flipping a switch can quickly restore your ability to hear and appreciate the fountain's soothing sounds when you're ready to do so again.

Our customers frequently pick one of our indoor water fountains to serve as a focal point in their business or to finish designing a specific space in their building. Thanks to the great variety of available styles and patterns, our fountains may be added to any place to create a beautiful and elegant atmosphere. Our fountains may be entirely personalized, from the frame finishes to the trim designs, to ensure that they blend smoothly with the overall concept of your area.

If you live in a dry environment, an indoor water fountain might help you maintain moisture levels in your house. If you live in a humid climate, you may just want to add a dehumidifier to your home to help reduce moisture in the air and keep your home at its most comfortable temperature year-round.

However, even though our better water distribution system minimizes blockage and spraying, some water may inevitably evaporate into the atmosphere. If you live in a dry climate, this can be pretty beneficial. As well as providing some needed moisture to the air in your home, an indoor water fountain such as an indoor fountain also helps cleanse and purify the air throughout the entire house.

We have indoor fountains that are sure to please home guests as well as young children and pets. It's impossible to predict what an inquisitive youngster or a curious cat will do. Therefore place your fountain at a location where children or animals will not be able to access it. Although there is anextensive list of benefits to adding an indoor fountain to your home, it is incredibly vital to ensure that small children and dogs do not play with the fountain alone.

Additionally, some people may be concerned about whether or not an indoor fountain would splash or spill water onto the floor. We include a splash guard tray, a water-tight tray liner, and a high-quality water distribution system to ensure that no water gets on the floors or walls of your facility. Our water-tight tray liner has been double-tested to ensure that it will not leak or deteriorate over time. It also ensures that water flows smoothly throughout the system, eliminating blockage and excessive spraying of the water supply.

Our fountains result from the professionalism and attention to detail that goes into the creation and design of each one. We are happy to offer an exceptional product that provides a serene and pleasant haven in your home or workplace.

Surface of Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor water fountains are constructed from a range of materials. Thus, when purchasing one, be sure to evaluate the material utilized to build the water fountain. The material chosen to construct the water fountain also affects its stability, design, pricing, life expectancy, and weight. Familiarize yourself with the materials used to make indoor water fountains.



Adagio Tranquil river indoor water fountain granite surface

Granite is a highly durable and natural stone that may last more than a decade, although continually exposed to the weather. As a result, granite is an excellent material for water features. It is available in various colors and maybe cleaned to a smooth finish or carved to give curves and character. However, when you're on a budget, this item may not be suitable for you due to its hefty price tag.



Adagio Cascade Springs Indoor Water Fountain- Marble


When you add something more to your house, whether inside or out, you would like it to bring beauty and value. When you install a marble fountain in your outdoor space, you will discover something that calms, relaxes, and adds beauty to the area. You may find yourself slipping outside more frequently to take in the scenery. The marble fountain has the potential to increase the value of your property significantly.


Adagio Grandeur River 8ft High- Flush Mounted

Whenever it comes to the fountain, glass imparts an aura of wonder. Not necessarily because the material is attractive, but because it enables the fountain to work in an improbable manner. Water flowing across the glass's face creates the illusion of a fluid surface. Technically speaking, it is, yet it appears as since you can reach through it. Without the glass, the bottom would be a splashy mess, but this material creates the illusion of getting a piece of nature in your house. Large indoor water fountains and cascades function very well when surrounded by glass.


Nothing makes a house appear larger than a mirror. A reflecting surface such as this one may provide the illusion of additional space. While the frame is available in various colors and materials, the silver mirror background creates the illusion of a doorway into another world. The flowing water beside it creates an ethereal atmosphere, almost as if you are gazing through a gateway.



Adagio Inspiration Falls- Green Slate


The great thing about slate is that it is rarely perfectly smooth. As a result, when water rushes over it, it produces extra noises and movement. The surface shimmers and dances as if the stone were coated. Since it is also illuminated from the top, the light is given extra movement by the cracks and ridges in the slate pieces. For similar reasons, the slate functions here to provide the water with a bit of additional vitality as it cascades down to its ending point. There are several stone color variations available and a variety of different finishes, and each would look wonderful in a living area or workplace. If you want your fountain to have some movement, slate is always a good choice.


Water panel bubble fountains are a stunning water feature that may be small and light in a small space or large enough to take up an entire wall. They are a modern water feature found at fancy places, medical institutions, spas, resorts and hotels, and casinos, among other locations. Bubble fountains are famous because they need no maintenance, offer beauty and originality to a place, and produce a relaxing effect when seen.


Acrylic is a strong, flexible, and transparent material suitable for many sorts of water features. Whether you're contemplating a fountain for your hotel lobby, want to add a bubble wall to your office waiting room, or want to add bubble tubes to your retail space to add interest, we got you!  Our acrylic design is an excellent alternative for a long-lasting yet aesthetically pleasing water feature.

Hand Painted art


Harvey Gallery Butterfly - Indoor Wall Fountain


If you're a homeowner or company owner who views each wall as a canvas for artwork rather than a critical support system, you're going to enjoy our art wall fountains. This collection features one-of-a-kind wall-mounted water fountains that function as stunning works of art. We provide art water fountains with stunning hand-painted sculptures, mixed-media sculptures, abstract carvings, and more to help you create a vibrant focal point that calms and fascinates. These one-of-a-kind wall fountains combine beautiful panels with soft, trickling water.


Points to Consider Before Purchasing an Indoor Fountain

We wouldn't expect you to buy a car without asking about its mileage or taking it for a test drive. We certainly don't wish you to jump on our website and quickly click "Add to Cart" without first reading some helpful information about our indoor fountain options and their charming, special fountains before making your decision.

Following your selection of a floor, wall, or any indoor fountain, the next step is determining where you want to place it in your home. Although any fountain will be put on a level surface, such as a desk, dresser, or kitchen countertop, floor fountains and wall fountains will necessitate a bit more thought and preparation.

If you have a particular  fountain  in mind, you will need to make sure that the space in your house or workplace is large enough to handle its size and design. If you already know where you want to put the fountain but aren't sure which design would work best for your space, take measurements of the area where the fountain will be placed and make notes on the size of the room while you explore our website for inspiration.

We give the precise proportions of each indoor fountain design in the description of each design, so all you have to do now is choose a fountain that fits the area and complements your décor style. Sollten you discover a fountain you want, but it won't fit in the area you have available, we can make the item smaller or larger to accommodate your needs.

Consider the following aspects of the space:Is there an electrical outlet nearby where I can plug the fountain in? Is it going to be challenging to clean and maintain the fountain in this location? Will there be a lot of youngsters and dogs in the area where the fountain is located?

Maintenance Tips

A new fountain appears to be very clean and attractive. However, did you know that with appropriate and routine care, you can keep its fresh appearance? Thus, this section will discuss how to manage and maintain your indoor water fountain so that it continues to function appropriately and looks brand new for you to enjoy for an extended period.

Common Problems of Indoor Water Fountains

While water fountains are pretty attractive to look at, they tend to lose their shine over time due to constant exposure to dampness. Additionally, any indoor water fountain's usefulness depends on how the fixture is cleaned and maintained. Over time, your fountain may develop certain issues. The following are some potential issues and helpful ideas for resolving or avoiding them.

  • Algae growth: Over time, algae, which are tiny green microorganisms, can colonize the wet and watery areas of your water fountain. Not only would this turn your water fountain unattractive, but it also poses dangers to your family and pets, particularly if they [pets] tend to drink from fountains. A quart container of bleach added to your water rapidly eliminates algae growth‚ÄĒbut some sites assert that bleach is an excessively harsh chemical. Another possibility is to use pond additives to control algae.
  • Calcium deposits: Calcium deposits appear as white streaks on anything with which they come into touch. Calcium accumulation is dependent on the mineral content of the water used in the fountain. While you may believe that only water quality includes minerals, even ordinary tap water has some. Thus, if you use filtered or distilled water, cleaning your water fountain will be easy. If you do not have access to filtered or distilled water, you may verify the mineral level of your tap water by contacting your local water board.
  • Oxidation: If your water fountain is finished in a metal such as copper, it will oxidize with time, resulting in a bluish-green sheen known as verdigris. The rate at which the verdigris form depends on the type of water used and how the water fountain is maintained.

Guide to Basic Indoor Fountain Maintenance

Keeping the Water Level and Quality at a Sufficient Level

Since indoor water fountains are natural humidifiers, their water level will naturally fall with time because evaporation occurs indoors. The volume of water evaporating from the fountain is determined by the relative humidity of the air of the surroundings. Therefore, be sure to add a tiny amount of water every day to maintain the precise level required for your water fountain.

Creating a big water fountain may contain up to 6 gallons of water, which should be replaced every three to four weeks. Water needs for a tiny water element are significantly lower. Maintaining the proper water level is critical since the pump must remain immersed at all times. Otherwise, the pump will quickly overheat and fail, making your fountain inoperable.

It is critical to regularly replace the water in your indoor water fountain to avoid algae blooming and turn your indoor fountain an unappealing shade of green. As distilled water is purer than tap water and does not cause mineral accumulation, it should be used. Due to the mineral content of tap water, which includes calcium and other metals, crystals form and are visible as crusty white streaks in regions where water has evaporated.

While using distilled water is recommended, what if you are unable to do so? Fortunately, there are additional solutions available to help maintain an appropriate pH balance in your water wall. An organic phosphonate solution protects the fountain wall against calcium mineral accumulation and oxidation-induced metallic stains. It will clean your water fountain of any existing mineral deposits or stains.

Apart from safeguarding your water wall, it can also assist in preventing pump damage caused by mineral accumulation. Add a drop of the solution to each gallon of water contained in the reservoir of your water fountain. As it removes calcium deposits from the fountain, this solution is also safe for cats, dogs, birds, and plants, so there is no need to be concerned if you notice them drinking from your indoor fountain.

Indoor Water Fountain Pump Maintenance

The majority of pumps used with indoor water fountains are submersible. It is critical that you repair your water pump to ensure that the water fountain continues to operate for many years. There are a few simple and routine measures that you should follow while servicing the pump of your indoor water fountain to minimize future issues, and they are as follows:

  • Never allow a submersible pump to go dry: The most critical rule for any submersible pump is never to allow it to run dry. The reservoir's water is intended to cool the pump and maintain the proper operating temperature. Indeed, a dry pump is responsible for 90% of pump failures. Assure that no water evaporates below the pump's input; otherwise, the pump will overheat and fail.
  • Allow it to continue indefinitely: Allowing the fountain to flow constantly optimizes its performance. However, if you need to switch it off while you are gone, ensure that you follow the proper method. Ensure that you read the pump's handbook for instructions on how to restart it.
  • Ascertain that the intake is debris-free: The intake takes water into the fountain or water fountain, which is then pushed up and discharged to produce a cascading flow. Ascertain that the intake is clear of any debris that the pump might pull in. Debris can clog pump lines, limiting water flow. In most situations, the submersible pump has a flow valve that can be adjusted clockwise or counterclockwise to prevent debris from being sucked in.
  • Maintaining the water pump is critical to ensuring that the fixture receives a constant supply of water. However, if your water pump ceases to function, perform the essential troubleshooting before replacing a component.

To troubleshoot the water fountain, inspect the entrance to determine if there is any debris obstructing water flow. Then, verify that the pump is powered on and free of any electrical issues. You may also study the pump handbook, which includes a troubleshooting guide for determining if the pump is operating normally or not. Once you've eliminated all other options, it's time to invest in a new pump suitable for your water fountain.

Indoor Water Fountain Panel Maintenance

The panel refers to the water fountain's surface where the water flows. It is critical to emphasize that wall panel maintenance techniques are very dependent on the type of material used to construct the panel. As such, the following are some maintenance suggestions for water feature panels built of various materials.

  • Slate or stone sheet panels: one of the most common difficulties with slate water fountains is mineral accumulation on the surface. While distilled water can help prevent mineral deposition, you can also use a Calcium Lime Rust Remover to eliminate mineral accumulation thoroughly. Utilize a soft bristles brush to avoid chipping the panel's exterior.
  • Panels constructed of stones: Water fountains made of pebbles are prone to calcium accumulation and algae growth. Then, using a soft brush, carefully brush the stones off the panel. Extra care should be taken to clean the gaps between the pebbles to prevent algae growth. Avoid using bleach or any other harsh chemicals to clean the stones since they are quite abrasive.
  • Calcium deposits on glass or mirror panels may be somewhat unattractive. The easiest approach to clean it is to use a vinegar and water solution to dissolve the mineral deposits. After thoroughly drying the panel with a clean towel, apply a thin coat of vinegar mixture and gently brush with a soft bristles brush. With a clean towel, wipe the panel clean. Maintain the panel's appearance by cleaning it at least once a week.
  • Panels made of marble: To clean the marble's surface, use a solution of white vinegar and water. And, as with slate or stone sheets, avoid using a strong brush since this will damage the stone's surface.

Indoor Water Fountain Lighting and Electrical Maintenance

All indoor water fountains have electrical and lighting components. The indoor water feature's electrical components give it a beautiful and relaxing appearance. It is consequently critical that you maintain these components as well to preserve the fountains' attractiveness.

  • Water fountains make use of underwater lighting to produce a stunning appearance on the water. The majority of water features make use of a 12-volt bulb with a lower wattage. Although the bulbs are tiny, they may become rather hot. Therefore it is critical to wear gloves while handling them. Additionally, empty the reservoir before reinstalling the lights.
  • Standard illumination: Standard lighting illuminates the entirety of the wall feature. They are typically 50 to 75 watts in size and so give more illumination than the latter. Allow sufficient time for the bulbs to cool before replacing them, as they can be quite hot to the touch.

Always use gloves for safety. Keep in mind that you must unplug the water fountain before changing the bulbs. Additionally, avoid splashing water on the standard light to prevent malfunctioning and probable electrocution. If water spills onto the bulb, reduce the water flow and relocate the light safely.

Apart from the fundamental maintenance instructions mentioned above, there are additional steps you should take to maintain your indoor water fountain in good shape. Apart from the pump, the wall panels, the lighting, and the water quality, there are a few more factors to consider while maintaining an indoor water fountain.

The majority of indoor water fountains have a drain that makes it easy to empty the reservoir of used water. Weekly, drain the water thoroughly to eliminate dirt and other contaminants. Additionally, it will discourage algae development and keep the water odor-free. If the drain valve is not included, you can remove the water manually using a long hose and a siphoning technique. Once the water feature is drained, it is possible to clean the submerged elements of the water feature. There are several of these, including the trough tray, polished rocks, and foam cushions.

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