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Important Benefits Of An Indoor Fountain And Water Features

December 20, 2020 4 min read

Important benefits of Indoor Fountains and Water Features

People purchase an indoor fountain for various reasons, some may want to uplift the look of their space whereas others might want to enjoy the soothing sound of the indoor fountains. We always want to create a perfect décor for our space which uplifts the entire look of our home or business space. The fountains can also be engraved to show off your Company logo in style and a very unique fashion. Artistic hand painted art fountains bring beauty and tranquility to a whole other level.

Important Benefits Of An Indoor Fountain And Water Features - Majestic Fountains and More


Surprising benefits of indoor fountains and water features

Creates ambience

Installing an indoor water feature fountain can instantly create that ambience you are looking for. The cascading sparkling water is soothing to the eyes and can easily get the attention of any visitor. You can find a range of Indoor water features form wall mounted to freestanding Floor Fountains in many shapes and sizes. They can enhance the look of any space giving it a modern to classical look as you choose. 

Enhances beauty

Adding a Water feature to an indoor space brings tranquility and added charm. The beauty and mesmerizing effect of cascading flowing water subtly becomes the focus of the space. It breaks the monotony of the walls and acts as a living and moving art piece.  Art fountains add that extra touch to a wall painting, but bubble wall panels and custom rain curtains build the bridge to another world.

Improves air quality

Clean air is very beneficial for one’s well-being. One of the most important benefits of indoor fountains is that they help purify the air in your space. The water flow releases negative ions which attract all the dirt and impurities in the air making the air quality much better for you to breathe.


If you reside in a dry climatic region or central heating during winter is drying up the moisture in the air, an indoor home water feature is a must have for you. It adds moisture in the air making it easier to breathe. As you know, dry air causes irritation to your skin, eyes, hair and respiratory system, even causing nosebleeds. Installing an indoor fountain will help you resolve these problems. 

Relieves stress

One of the many benefits of indoor fountains is that they are a great de-stressor of all time. The soothing sound of the cascading water from the fountain relaxes the mind, it helps to decrease the stress levels. If you have ever been to any waterfall, you will know the mesmerising feeling that one gets around the waterfall, the relaxing sound of water calms our mind. In our busy schedule it is not possible to go out and enjoy the perks of a waterfall year round, so install an indoor fountain instead and get the benefits anytime you wish. 

White Noise effect

Indoor fountains help to drown the unwanted sound in an environment from the outer surroundings like traffic, play areas, neighbours, etc. Installing the indoor fountain can save you from all the distractions of unwanted noises. Strangely it also adds a pleasant White noise and breaks the silence. This will improve your productivity and help keep a calm mind.

Feng shui

Now-a-days, Feng Shui is quite popular among people as it is said to be very effective in improving the mood by calming the mind and increasing productivity. Feng Shui is based on five elements, water being one important part of it. So people incorporate indoor fountains in their homes and business spaces as its soothing natural sound has positive benefits. According to Feng Shui, placing a wall fountain at the entrance of business spaces leads to successful business transactions and helps to advance in the career whereas placing an indoor fountain in study rooms can help in learning and to acquire knowledge.

Improves sleep

We all know that as we grow older, it becomes difficult for us to fall asleep quickly. We download apps to get sound sleep. Most of the time people play music of tinkling water to calm their mind so as to fall asleep. The sound of cascading water has the soothing effect which relaxes your mind, relieves stress and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. So investing in an indoor fountain is equal to investing in sound sleep!

Low Maintenance

An Indoor fountain requires low maintenance and minimum care. You need to refill the water once or twice a week, also it needs a deep cleaning every 4-6 months. The cleaning steps are very simple, firstly you need to turn off the fountain, drain all the water from the fountain, lastly wipe off the outer surface of the fountain and clean the tubes, pump, motor and plumbing of the fountain. 


Indoor water features and fountains bring you health benefits while enhancing your ambience. It will calm your mind, relieve stress, improve your sleeping patterns and air quality, all this and more as it adds to the aesthetic of your space in a home or office. Its right use as per Feng Shui, also has many advantages related to your career and overall well-being. So there are numerous benefits of indoor fountains which makes an Indoor water feature a must have. 

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