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An Introduction To Asian Inspired Zen Fountains

June 16, 2022 4 min read

An Introduction To Asian Inspired Zen Fountains - Majestic Fountains and More

Of all cultures, Asian cultures have long been known to combine beauty and peace in one. Zen gardens, yin-yang symbols, and lotus flowers are just a few examples of the many intricate forms of Asian art that are out there in the world. 

In modern times, artists have even captured this same sense of peace and beauty on a smaller scale in fountains. One such example is the Asian-inspired Zen fountains. In this blog, we will be talking about what Asian-inspired Zen fountains are, their history, and how modern artists incorporate this kind of art into their own pieces.


What are Asian-inspired Zen Fountains?

Exuding a high level of tranquility and serenity, Asian-inspired Zen fountains are a form of Japanese art that depicts a juxtaposition of stark contrast. This is often achieved through using rice paper and coordinating the design with wood or pine needles. 

This kind of art aims to bring out the natural beauty that we find in things like moss or water by combining it with other simple elements. But, more importantly, it is reflective of the Japanese ideology that says that beauty arises from contrast.

The final product must also work efficiently to capture the essence of water reflected in a single silk screen while still demonstrating profound form, color, and harmony.


The History Of Zen Fountains

While Zen fountains have been around for some time, they have only recently caught on with people outside Japan. This is because they have been popular in Japan for centuries. 

During the Edo period, Zen fountains were introduced to Japan when a monk named Muso Kokushi came back from China with his artistic skills. This monk was one of several Japanese men who went to China to learn about Buddhism, but he was the first who decided to bring back the art style and incorporate it into Japanese culture

As a matter of fact, the majority of Zen fountains that you find today are inspired by Muso Kokushi. This is why there are very few artists out there who have the technical expertise to create a Zen fountain of their own.

As the years went on, monks continued to spread their cultural influences through the fountains that they created with the help of their talented artisans. 


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Why Incorporate a Zen Fountain into your Garden

The word "Zen" originates from the Sanskrit word "dhyana," which is a form of meditation-- more specifically, one that stems from Buddhism. 

That said, Zen fountains are not only a form of Buddhist art, but they also have other meanings. A few of these include the following:


It promotes a sense of calmness and peace that is present in Zen gardens

Contrasting colors can create a sense of harmony and balance, such as in Japanese gardens. Although not all Japanese Zen gardens are full of contrasts, strong contrasts help spotlight particular objects or events that would otherwise be lost in the sea of nature.

The Zen Fountain has also had a strong connection with water. The symbolism of water is prominent in Japanese culture, and Zen fountains are no exception. 

Water represents life, emotion, and rebirth. Water can also act as a form of purification or rebirth, thus reflecting the Buddhist concept of karma which states that we are reborn every time we experience death.

Buddhists believe that when we die, we continue to live in our former lives until our karma is completely paid. Our next life is simply a continuation of the last one when this happens.

Zen fountains have also been used as a way to celebrate the new life that results after death. Another Buddhist concept that can be reflected through Zen fountains is the idea of Nirvana which refers to the state where there is complete freedom from pain, suffering, and even death.


It is aesthetically pleasing. 

In Japanese culture, known for its traditional art, there are many huge contrasts between objects. There is a great understanding of how contrast can lead to a greater level of beauty and uniqueness. 

More often than not, these contrasts are caused by contrasting colors and shapes. This helps accentuate the significance of different elements such as water, trees, or rocks.


It fosters harmony and balance

Japanese culture is also one that deeply understands the importance of balance in all areas of life, including their art. This is reflected in their natural environment, which is a prime example of how contrasting elements can create harmonious beauty. 

As a result, Zen fountains are always carefully crafted to create harmony and balance. The artist must understand how various colors, shapes, and sizes will fit together to create the ultimate masterpiece.


It encourages the blending of seemingly opposing elements and forces us to see their strength in combination

This is what life and art are about. We cannot have one without the other. So when we create something beautiful, it reflects not only our skill but also our understanding of things like life and balance. 

When we respect and understand the various forms of nature, our creations will become more beautiful and meaningful.


Your Key Takeaway

Asian-inspired Zen fountains aren't just a mere focal point of your garden. They are more like living works of art. Zen fountains are meant to be a subtle reflection of the values and ideologies of Zen Buddhism. To fully appreciate them, however, you must understand the culture that surrounds them. 

All in all, Asian-inspired Zen fountains are a perfect addition to any garden because they are always thoughtfully designed to help bring out the best. If you are in the market for quality and unique Zen fountains, Majestic Fountains is the right choice. 

It specializes in customizing Zen-inspired fountains for clients. Our company offers an extensive range of custom designs that are uniquely created. It is a company whose commitment to superior customer service exceeds our ability to deliver the highest level of quality in Zen-inspired fountains.

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