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Are Fire Pit Tables Worth It?

July 26, 2022 5 min read

Are Fire Pit Tables Worth It

A fire pit table is the greatest companion for folks who enjoy having guests around for al fresco dining on chilly evenings. A fire pit table is built with a fire pit in the center and a table around the pit's periphery where you can set drinks and food. It is a known great piece of outdoor furniture.

People typically imagine themselves sitting around a fire pit on rocks or logs during a warm summer night, watching the flames jump up and down at random intervals. Having fire pit tables in your backyard, you can turn this daydream into a reality! 

With fire pit tables in your backyard, you make the place cozy while also being incredibly decorative! Your guests can also eat while taking pleasure in the warmth of the fire pit tables.


How Fire Pit Table Works

 A gas pipe that can be connected to a bottle of propane gas is attached to the built-in gas burner. Almost all types of fire pit tables come with an underground fuel tank that can accommodate a 5 kg bottle of propane gas. The built-in gas burner has a knob underneath that may be turned to adjust the size of the flames. More gas will be used as the fire get higher.


Different Types of Fire Pit Tables

While fire pit tables vary in type and design, they are all made of heat-resistant materials. Gas and charcoal are the two most popular fuels for fire pit tables. However, since propane is used in the majority of models, gas versions are more common than charcoal ones.



Camping without the hassle! Now you can enjoy campfire activity right in your own backyard. The soothing sound of crackling wood and smoke filling air provides warmth on cool fall nights, while keeping fires completely contained so they don't spread to surrounding areas. A woodgrain fire pit is like having an actual campsite just outside front door step- perfect for relaxing with family or friends after work.


The Outdoor Plus Sequoia 24" Tall Fire Pit in Wood Grain Concrete + Free Cover


GFRC Concrete

The new GFRC material is an advanced concrete composite that's lighter, thinner and highly moldable due to its nano fiber content. This groundbreaking product has crack resistant features making it ideal for outdoor architecture especially fire pits. 

The glass-fiber concrete fire pit is the perfect addition to any home. This low maintenance and high luxury item provides hours of outdoor enjoyment that will ground your senses with all sights, feels and sounds.


Slick Rock RidgeLine Fire Bowl - Conical


Stainless Steel

Steel is a premium choice, especially for modern homes, since the material creates a sleek, contemporary look. However, keep in mind that stainless steel is prone to rust and corrosion.


The Outdoor Plus La Jolla Rectangle Fire Pit in Stainless Steel + Free Cover


Corten Steel

Corten steel is a type of metal that develops an attractive and protective layer when exposed to weather. This coat will protect against further corrosion, while keeping the underlayers in good condition.

The Corten steel fire pit is a must-have for any home. Not only will it be the decorative focal point of your garden, but this low maintenance material also offers you attractive design options and versatile size choices that fit most spaces perfectly!


Third Rock Wood Burning and Gas Fire Pit - by Fire Pit Art


Hammered Copper

With so many options for fires, it’s hard to choose the perfect one. But if you want a material that will last and is rust-proof then copper should be at top of your list.  

The durability of copper is unparalleled when it comes to fire pits. No other material can compare with its ability withstand elements or protect against rusting, regardless if they are left out in all weather conditions for an extended amount time.


Phoenix Hammered Copper Fire Pit with T-Burner Kit by HPC


Fire Pit Tables Are Worth Every Penny!

Fire pit tables are a great investment in your home. They are hassle-free in comparison to individual fire pits, where you must take into account a non-combustible surface to set it and make sure to examine the fire pit's heat source. To know more about fire pit tables, take note of the list below!


Fire Pit Tables Are Convenient

A backyard or patio can become an all-year-round space with the help of fire pit tables. It can serve as a source of light during the night, provide warmth, and serve as a dining table for everyone. 

Since they are fueled by probate tanks and sometimes with charcoal, fire pit tables don't need a chimney or an outlet to run gas, propane, or natural gas. They don't also produce unpleasant smells, so it's a plus point! 

Fire pit tables are easy to operate. You can as well manage the size of the flames which is why a lot of homeowners opt for fire pit tables nowadays!


Fire Pit Tables Keep You Warm

Due to the fact that heat from the fire rises, if you sit close to the fire, your entire body will be warmed. Fire pit tables powered by propane heat up faster than those powered by natural gas. But neither choice heats up the area the say way as the conventional fire pit that burns wood. 


Fire Pit Tables are Safe

The use of fire pit tables in your backyard is safe. They don't produce harmful gases like a bonfire and aren't quite as hot as a typical wood fireplace which sometimes reaches over 1000 degrees.

Most of them have legs made of steel or iron, so when the fire rages, they won't heat up and will leave burn marks. They also feature a fire shield to protect them from flying embers.

Fire Pit Tables Can Be Moved Around

Although you may choose not to move your fire pit table and may not even plan to, for some people, this could be a huge advantage. A movable fire pit table does provide additional flexibility, whether the situation is a special occasion, the onset of new seasons, or you simply wish to rearrange your backyard.

However, you have to keep in mind that fire pit tables are meant to be utilized in an open space with good airflow, so don't move them inside your home!

Fire Pit Tables Don't Require Maintenance

Most fire pit tables require little maintenance. You can simply inspect the furniture cover occasionally and flip the propane tank if one side starts to wear thin. Make sure your fire pit table is solid and has no cracks where embers could escape. You don't want any of these to end up on the deck or the lawn next to your house and spark a fire. Therefore, periodically check the area of your fire pit table to determine if anything needs to be replaced.

Fire Pit Tables Are Becoming Popular

Fire pit tables are now becoming a popular piece for homeowners. The price of fire pit tables is fairly reasonable and offers excellent value. They can serve as an additional source of heat and a terrific way to entertain guests in your patio or backyard. The primary challenge is finding a spot to utilize it because most fire pit tables need an open area free from nearby buildings, so keep this in mind when deciding where to put your new fire pit table.

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