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Why 4 Way Spill Fire And Water Bowls Are The New Design Trend

October 20, 2023 4 min read

Why 4 Way Spill Fire And Water Bowls Are The New Design Trend

Transforming Ones Poolside into a serene oasis is what everyone desires! A lot of elements such as Scuppers, Emitters or Sculptures can be added to build and renovate your pool but nothing compares with Fire Bowls and Water Bowls. While Water Bowls adds life to pool with the running waterfall effect, Fire Bowls add the contradictory statement with their melting flames. Thus, making it a hard choice to choose between both, this is when Fire & Water Bowls come into play to overcome the dilemma.

What are Fire and Water Bowls?

Fire and Water Bowls are the perfect vessels combining the contradicting elements of Fire and Water in a single component. They feature an enchanting waterfall display with a melodious sound and blazing flames to light up your poolside providing you the Best of Both worlds. These fire and water pool features are available in a diverse range of shapes, styles and materials. One such style is the 4-way Spill Fire and Water Bowls that are in demand.

The 4-Way Spill Fire and Water Bowls feature a 4-side spill, each in one direction that creates the most soothing sound and a beautiful fire flame display that makes for an eye-catching look. Not only the modern Fire and Water Bowls elevate the aesthetic view of your poolside but these bowls can be used as a centre-piece along with a pool added to create your small custom fire and water fountain.

Features of 4-Way Spill Fire & Water Bowls:

Creates an Impression: The 4 way spill fire & water bowls makes for a bold statement piece. The trending design of these 4-way spill fire and water bowls stands out against the conventional fire and water bowls creating an impression with the contemporary style.

Prominent Sound of Water flow: While all Fire and water Bowls provide a generous sound of Water streaming, The 4-way Spill Fire & Water Bowls create a prominent sound as they feature four spillways as compare to the ordinary fire and water bowls for pools.

Versatile: The 4 Way Spill Fire and Water Bowls are very versatile in nature. These modern fire & Water bowls can be used as an add-on element to your pools and ponds to create the perfect contemporary outdoor. You can also create your own custom Fire and water fountain using the 4-way Spill fire and water feature as a centre piece. They can be placed in any direction as the 4 way spill aspect make them look great from all sides.

3 in One Water and Fire Feature: The 4-way Spill Fire and Water bowls are designed in a way that they can be used as only fire bowl at night or only water Bowl in day time and a fire and water Bowl as per your preference.

Looks aesthetic: The 4 way spill of water topped by the brilliant fiery flames is sure to catch the eye of anyone. The mesmerising view of the 4-way spill fire and water bowl in action is truly enchanting. It is all you need to enhance the beauty of your poolside.

Increase the value of your outdoor space: Whether it’s a residential place or a hotel or resort, the enriching look of the 4-way spill contemporary fire & Water features adds to the beauty of your space increasing its value. 

The Best 4-Way Fire and Water features

Sedona 4-Way Spill Fire and Water Bowl in GFRC

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The Sedona 4-Way Spill Fire & Water bowl is a round bowl is the perfect element to refine the beauty of your pools. The strong and sturdy GFRC construction available in 2 sizes and customizable with an amazing range of finishes is exactly what you need to glorify the aesthetics of your poolside area. Available in Manual and Electronic Ignition, this round fire and water bowl features four good quality Copper scuppers in each direction that facilitates the smooth flow of water and an 18” burner that provide the fiercest flames.

Maya 4-Way Spill Fire & Water Bowl in Copper

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Branded by The Outdoor Plus' name, the Maya 4-Way Spill Fire & Water Bowl is one of the amazing fire and water pool features from the Maya Collection. The 4 way spill fire and water Bowl constructed in copper looks regal. The artistic design of this handcrafted copper square bowl creates a Breath-taking view when in action.

Cazo 4-Way Spill Fire & Water Bowl in Copper

Cazo 4-Way Fire & Water Bowl in Copper

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The 4 Way spill and the fierce flames of the Cazo fire and water bowl gives a beautiful scene to your outdoor. The simple round shaped bowl paired with the interesting scuppers constructed of copper and hand hammered to perfection makes it an attractive piece. Enjoy the peaceful glow of the firelight available with manual or Electronic Ignition option, and the gentle sound of the flowing water at your poolside.

H2Onfire 4 Scupper GFRC Fire and Water Bowl

H2Onfire 4 Scupper GFRC Fire and Water Bowl

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As unique as its name, the H2Onfire 4 scupper Glass Fiber Reinforce Concrete Fire and Water Bowl creates an illusion of the water is on fire. This extraordinary feature operating only with electronic ignition system is designed with a submersible burner that generates large fire flames on the surface of the water. Surely this modern fire & water bowl will be a centre of attraction.

Evolution 4 Scupper Hammered Copper Fire & Water Bowl

Evolution 4 Scupper Hammered Copper Fire & Water Bowl

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Take your backyard to the next level with the Evolution 4 Scupper Hammered Copper Fire & Water Bowl from HPC! Enjoy the beautiful round bowl with an Oiled Hammered Copper finish plus a unique 4-way spill and ring burner all powered by electronic ignition. Revel in the one-of-a-kind look and prepare to be amazed!

Our Thoughts:

Renovating and decorating your poolside and outdoor space can be an intimidating task. we recommend you to consider the 4-way spill fire & water features as they truly enhance the look of your space. They look aesthetic, and are versatile to use as they can be incorporated with your pools and can be utilized as fire and water fountains. Check out Majestic Fountains and More for amazing offers and discounts.

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