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Exploring the Innovative ways to utilize fire media

October 24, 2023 3 min read

Exploring the Innovative ways to utilize fire media

What is Fire Media?

All Fire Features including Fire Pits, Fire Tables, Fire and Water Bowls require Fire Media. Fire media is an umbrella term that covers the broad category of different types of fire glass, lava rocks, Polished or unpolished Lava stones, and logs. The main purpose of fire media is to cover the burner in the fire feature and the distribute the flame produced by the burner in a uniform manner. The Fire media completely covers the burner and acts as a protective layer prohibiting any dust and debris to enter the burner holes.

Versatile Uses of Fire Media:

Contemporary Fire Accessories go beyond traditional fire pits and fireplaces. They are often designed to be an integral part of the overall outdoor design and architecture. These fire accessories can be utilized with fire tables, fire walls, fire fountains, water Features or for decorating landscape. They add a unique and artistic element to outdoor spaces, making them stand out and create a memorable experience for guests.

Available in a variety of styles, shapes and colors which make the fire media truly versatile and hence, can be put into use with a number of accents.

Fire Media uses  - Majestic Fountains


Fire Bowls, Fire Tables & Fire Pits 

Fire Media is most commonly used with fire bowls and fire pits. Fire media comprises of Fire glass-regular or reflective, ceramic stone balls, different sized lava rocks etc. Fire Media can be utilized in a fire Bowl, a fire pit, a gas fire pan or a fire table. The Fire media Can be paired with any fire feature compatible with Natural gas or liquid propane

Fire Media in fire features - Majestic Fountains


Fire Places

Fire Media like fire glass and lava rocks are tempered and can withstand high temperatures. They are suitable for both vented and non-vented fireplaces. This makes them a superior and more desirable alternative to the often seen ceramic logs and fire stones.

Fire Media used in fireplaces - Majestic Fountains


With Water Features & Fountains

Combining fire media with water features has become a popular trend in outdoor design. Water features such as Real stone fountains, Vase fountains, fountain basins or ponds can be paired with these decorative and colorful accessories to create a luxurious and visually stunning appearance. This combination adds beauty and creates a focal point in the outdoor area.  

Fire Media with Fountains - Majestic Fountains


With Planters

Generally, pebbles or small rocks are placed on the surface of soil in planters to prevent the soil from getting washed away with excess water. Designer fire media with such as the Zircon Fire glass or the Lustrous fire cubes can be easily used as a decorative item in planters replacing the pebbles on the soil surface around the plant. This will not only provide an enhanced look to your planters and but also act as a barrier between the soil and other elements such as wind and excessive water preventing soil being washed or blown away but still allowing enough gap to pass adequate water to the roots. Also, it can be used with fake plants to decorate them.


Be it a Garden or a Landscape project, todays contemporary outdoor calls for a polished look. It can easily be achieved by adding some tumbled lava stone to the side of pathways in your garden. Also, nothing can beat the look of the glass beads or reflective fire glass that shines like crystal pieces giving a royal look to your landscape. It is sure to impress a lot of your guests!

Fire Media in Lanscape - Majestic Fountains


In conclusion, the use of fire media in outdoor settings has evolved significantly in recent years. From traditional fire pits to contemporary fire bowls, water features and decorating landscapes, there are numerous applications of fire media technology that can enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking to create a cozy gathering space or a visually stunning outdoor oasis, incorporating fire media into your design can elevate your outdoor experience to the next level.

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