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Contemporary Indoor Fountains For Modern Homes

May 12, 2022 3 min read

Contemporary Indoor Fountains For Modern Homes - Majestic Fountains and More

Many modern families purchase modern water fountains to bring a touch of nature into their indoor spaces that lack access to gardens and outside leisure areas due to their location in an urban metropolis environment.

Modern water fountains have been used for decorative and aesthetic purposes for a long time. As time passes, products have evolved to cater to the preferences of those who use them to decorate their homes, workplaces, and gardens. 

Modern water fountain designs have seen some recent trends that reflect their use in contemporary décor. The usage of custom-built waterfalls, textured glass and mirrors in a contemporary water fountain or waterfall design, and high-tech or LED lights for illumination are examples of the latest trend in the contemporary water fountain.


Benefits of Having Contemporary Fountains in Your Home

  • A fountain symbolizes life, water, truth, and change, thus giving a deep meaning to your home.
  • Fountains and water features have always played an important role in our life, and also, they are an essential part of our lives. 
  • Water itself symbolizes purification, thus keeping your home purified.
  • We can find different drawings, symbols, and writings on fountains that indicate their power and significance.


Here Are Some Modern Indoor Water Fountains to Be Considered for Modern Homes. 

Harvey Gallery Amazing Corner - Indoor Floor Fountain


As the name suggests, the amazing Corner Fountain by Harvey Gallery is an Indoor floor fountain. Perfect for enhancing the look of any corner without taking up much space. It stands 72" high. The frame of this fountain is made with high-quality copper metal, while the backdrop is hand-painted. 

Water flows down from the top into the basin below, creating a soothing, highly audible sound that will appease and comfort you as you relax alongside. 


Adagio Mega Grandeur River - Centre Mounted - Indoor Floor Fountain 

Adagio Mega Grandeur River 10ft High - Center Mounted 120"H x 84"W- Indoor Floor Fountain 

The Adagio Mega Grandeur River is a large free-standing Indoor Water Fountain perfect for your home or office. It stands 120" High, 84 "wide with a depth of 14". Such Impressive dimensions and the translucent glass panel makes it perfect for displaying any Logo. The frame is made of powder-coated steel or copper, and the glass panel is "Centre Mounted," i.e., in the middle of the Base and thus is viewable from both sides.


 Adagio Calming Waters - Indoor Wall Fountain 

Adagio Calming Waters 35"H x 54"W - Indoor Wall Fountain


One of the lightweight and affordable fountains by the adagio is the Adagio Calming Waters. It measures 35" Tall, 54" Wide & 7" Deep and is sure to enhance the look of any wall in your office or home. It is a beautiful wall-mounted fountain available in a variety of Surface choices and Trim materials.



Adagio Solitude River - Indoor Wall Fountain 

Adagio Solitude River 69"H x 78"W - Indoor Wall Fountain 

The Adagio Solitude River is an elegant wall fountain. It is a triple-stone Fountain that looks magnificent. Customizable with several stone surface options that are amazing. The Adagio Solitude River wall fountain measures 69" Tall, 78" Wide & 6" Deep. 

The Solitude River wall fountain is one of the most beautiful Indoor wall fountains that are a perfect addition to your modern home.


Adagio Cottonwood Falls - Indoor Wall Fountain 

Adagio Cottonwood Falls 69"H x 61"W - Indoor Wall Fountain 

The Adagio Cottonwood Falls measures 69 "H x 61 "W. It is a two-paneled indoor wall fountain perfect for modern homes. This contemporary indoor fountain will be an ideal addition to your indoor space to enhance its beauty.

Customizable with a wide variety of natural stones such as Marble, Slate, Travertine, or even Glass and Mirror as the surface of the Water feature, the Cottonwood Falls Fountain is a new take on the modern interiors. You can also personalize the fountain with your Company's logo image. 

Adagio Majestic River - Indoor Wall Fountain


Adagio Majestic River 69"H x 54"W - Indoor Wall Fountain


 The Harvey Gallery Majestic River Indoor wall fountain is a beautiful water feature. Well suited for modern homes and offices, this fountain brings the calmness of nature to your indoor space while maintaining the contemporary culture with its minimalist design.

The stone surface customization allows you to choose from various options to match your aesthetics without taking much of your space. 



Although creating the water flow of contemporary fountains for modern homes requires electricity, you can still make a lovely water fountain with just a vessel and some aquatic plants. 

At Majestic Fountains & More, we offer a wide range of options with sizes, shapes, and customizations for fountains to suit your indoor space at affordable prices. In addition, there are numerous water feature ideas available. Water elements in the garden can be introduced to even the tiniest areas, including indoors. Majestic Fountains and more is a brand that deals in a different collection of modern water fountains.

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