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Fire table bowl and Torches

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Why are fire features so popular?

  • Aesthetic appeal: One of the primary reasons homeowners opt for fire features is their undeniable visual appeal. Any fire feature, such as fire bowls, fire tables or fire pits create a dynamic and mesmerizing focal point with the robust flames and beauty they bring along. They can enhance the overall aesthetic of your landscape be it a backyard/patio or pool area.
  • Heat and Light: The fire component of any fire feature is sure to provide heat, warmth and light. These outdoor ornaments are just what you need to enlighten your space while enhancing its beauty.
  • Outdoor Relaxation: Fire features enable you to create a cozy space for you and your loved ones to gather around. Nothing is better than a warm setting, especially on cold winter nights to spend some uninterrupted quality time with you loved ones.

What are the different types of fire features?

Fire Features is an umbrella term for all the amazingly design components with the element of fire. This term covers a vast category of products such as Fire Bowls, Fire & Water Bowls, Fire Pits, Fire Tables or commonly known as Fire Pit Tables, Tiki Torches that are perfect for a contemporary outdoor.

  • Fire Tables: Fire Tables are known to be a great addition to your outdoor setting providing you with a cosy ambiance for you to host a gathering with friends and family. When incorporated with a seating arrangement, these large fire features are the ideal centre-pieces to add on your patio or backyard making it a perfect outdoor retreat where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.
  • Fire Bowls: Fire bowls are one of the popular fire features being a small alternative to the traditional fire pits. Fire bowls can be easily incorporated on your landscape. These are the ideal fire features to be placed in a small setting or on top of a pillar or pedestal. Fire Bowls are available in a variety of styles and shapes such as square, round, conical and rectangular shapes. You can choose between a manual match-lit fire bowl or an automated electronic fire Bowl for added convenience. They surely elevate the look of your space
  • Fire Pits: Bring back the old-world charm to your back yard with the amazing fire pits. Fire Pits are available with the classic wood burning option that will take you back in traditional times. However, you can also choose to have these fire pits upgraded with burner systems compatible with natural gas and liquid propane fuel type to avoid all the smoke and hassle of the wood burning fire pits.
  • Tiki Torches: The pole mounted tiki torches are one of the popular fire features. Tiki torches are an exciting and entertaining way to provide light to your outside space and give it a more tropical feel. You may use them to light up your garden, sideways or backyard party.
  • Fire and Water Bowls: Fire and water bowls are the best kind of fire features incorporating the elements of fire and water in one single feature. With these aesthetic bowls you can enjoy the heat and warmth of fire combined with the soothing sound of water. Incorporate these stunning features alongside your pool area to achieve a majestic look.

What are the types of fuel used for fire feature?

  • Wood Burning: Natural wood is a traditional fuel for fire features. The cracking sound and the Smoky aroma of wood burning makes you
    nostalgic. If you aspire a traditional vibe for y our backyard, you can opt for wood burning fire pits that are reminiscent of the old-world charm.
  • Natural Gas: Natural gas is a clean burning fire fuel that provides for clean flames with no smoke. You can easily hook your fire feature connection in your home’s existing gas pipeline or can obtain a new supply line from a licenced provider in your area. Once you tap into the connection, you can turn the fuel on/off with help of a key valve. All our fire features are compatible with Natural gas fuel type
  • Liquid Propane: Liquid propane is an excellent clean burning fuel type that offers convenience in terms of portability for your fire features. Unlike natural gas that require a live connection, liquid propane can be stored in a propane tank which is easy to move around. All our fire features can be availed with the liquid propane fuel type.

Fire Features FAQs

What type of ignition does a fire feature use?

All of the fire features can be availed with a Manual Match-lit Ignition system or an Automatic Electronic Ignition upgrade.
The Match lit ignition option enables you to light up the fire featuring using a match-stick or a lighter whereas, the electronic ignition model is an easy to operate compact system that can be controlled by a remote control.

What type of fuel does a fire feature use?

Natural gas and Liquid propane are the two fuel options for your fire features. All of our fire features are compatible with fuel type Natural gas or Liquid Propane. Natural gas will require a direct gas line that can be availed from a licensed provider in your area. Whereas, liquid propane is stored in a propane tank which can be refilled as and when required.

Fire bowl, Fire Tables or Fire Pits. What should you choose?

A lot of factors such as such as the size of the fire feature, location where the features is to be place, space available, as well as your budget needs to be considered while choosing the correct fire feature.
Here is a more detailed list of things to consider while buying fire features that will make your choice easy.

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