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Decorating The Surroundings Of An Outdoor Fountain

October 04, 2022 5 min read

Decorating The Surroundings Of An Outdoor Fountain

Garden fountains are a wonderful way to bring the soothing noises of water to your outdoor space. However, you may need some ideas and inspiration to keep it from sticking out like a sore thumb.

If so, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn some fantastic things to add decor to your water fountain surroundings.

What Should You Consider Before Adding a Decor?

The right fountain

Finding a garden fountain that fits your outdoor area is the first step in using them as decorative elements. Size, aesthetic preference, and budget are all important considerations here. First, think about what you hope to accomplish with the fountain.

Do you want it to serve as an accent piece or the main attraction in your yard? In that case, a large, three-story structure might be the best bet. However, a smaller, less flashy model would be preferable if you want a fountain to add ambiance and be heard merely and not seen.

Recognizing the need for a fountain is only the beginning. Next, plan out how you'll incorporate it into your current setup. Here are some suggestions to make the fountain flow smoothly and look its best.

The maintenance

Make sure you can afford the upkeep and maintenance that the decorations you pick require. For example, many lights circling a fountain may seem lovely at first, but the cost of keeping them in working order and on for extended periods can add up quickly.

Dust, algae, and bacterial mats can colonize and discolor the surfaces of some decorative items if they aren't cleaned regularly. In addition, performing routine maintenance on live decorations such as vines and indoor plants may be necessary. Always consider how often you'll need to tend to each fountain accessory before committing to using it. Here is where one's sense of common sense can prove invaluable.

The season

There are likely to be seasonal fountain decorations rather than year-round ones. They can be harmed by prolonged wet or cold weather exposure. This is especially true for organic seasonal decorations like plants.


Background outdoor living with red Adirondack chairs and a fountain


Decor Ideas

You can't go wrong with a garden fountain as a decorative element in your yard. But you'll need the imagination to ensure it goes well with the rest of the decor. This article contains some ornamental advice that will assist you in designing an ideal setting for your garden fountain.

Colorful flowers

Once you've decided on a garden fountain and a placement, you'll want to ensure that it fits in with the rest of the garden. Adding flowers is a great idea for that. Also, this is a great way to inject some color into a monochrome fountain.

Plants are the best option for outdoor decor if you want to add some color to your fountain. The spray from a fountain would be ideal for a wide variety of plants. These are inexpensive ways to add a touch of nature to fountains and other water features without sacrificing quality. Potted plants can hide any artificial details, while groundcover plants can form a lovely foundation for the fountain. In addition, their portability makes them ideal for bringing in new species at the change of each season.

Other plant types used for decoration and practicality in or around a water fountain include floating fronds, ferns, vines, grasses, and epiphytes. They are useful because of their ability to shade the water, reduce the number of algae, and provide a safe haven for passing wildlife. In addition, the fountain's appearance can be constantly altered throughout the year as different blooming periods draw in various pollinators. In contrast, annual plant foliage ensures that color is maintained through the fall and winter months.


colorful flowers around the fountain


Finding the best plants to fill your fountain may be difficult due to the wide variety available. Instead, target local, water-loving species with good disease resistance and low maintenance needs. Because they can easily adapt to the local environment and settle next to a water feature, these will save you a ton of time and money in the long run.

Plant Herbs

Typically, a small amount of water will splash out of fountains. This can be exploited by growing herbs all around the base.

Lavender and sweet basil are two herbs that will flourish in this environment. Another advantage of growing herbs around your water feature is that they may not grow very tall. Therefore, the herbs can be used to enhance the space without concealing the fountain.

Metal decor

Copper's long lifespan and inherent beauty make it a popular choice for fountains and their accessories. Metal is commonly used in pond and fountain sculptures, such as miniature frogs and animal-shaped spitters. These may start pristine and shiny, but wear and stains are common over time. If you must use metal, buy high-quality pieces that won't rust, chip, or otherwise cause water contamination.

Seating Nearby

Is it your desire to take in the fountain without wasting time "standing around"? Perhaps you could put some chairs there if that's the case. Also, adding a few benches makes the outdoor space more inviting for reading or lounging.

Hammocks provide an even more calming benefit, so think about getting one. What a lovely fountain you have! I think I'll take a nap there.


seating nearby the fountain

Add lighting

With the addition of some well-thought-out lighting, a fountain can be appreciated at any time of day or night. Lighting a fountain can be done in several different ways.

You can use either white light, a single color, or a spectrum of colors. Of course, the color of the fountain and any nearby accents should be considered when deciding on the lights to be installed.


fountain with lights


After settling on a hue, choose a power supply. Solar-powered, battery-operated, and hardwired lights are three of the most common choices.

Add Peebles

Large and small rocks can be used to create the impression of antiquity, weathering, and durability or simply add a rustic touch. Water fountains could benefit from their roughness and organic shapes, which highlight curves and contrast the textures of other materials, giving the fountains a more architectural feel. These can be scattered at the fountain's footing, arranged in the pool or basin, or used to make a panel over which water can cascade.


Peebles around the fountain


To Sum It Up

​​There is no doubt that a garden fountain can greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your yard. Make your garden fountain the envy of the neighborhood by applying the advice and inspiration presented here.


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