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Fire Bowls: New Trend For Outdoor Spaces

August 31, 2022 5 min read

Fire Bowls: New Trend For Outdoor Spaces

You might have noticed a new trend in outdoor areas as you browsed Pinterest for ideas for your ideal garden. Smaller versions of traditional gas-fueled fire pits, "fire bowls," are becoming increasingly popular. They are easily controlled and create a stylish ambiance in any outdoor area.

Where Should You Put Your Fire Bowls?

Here are five spots to set up a fire bowl in your yard, by your pool, or anywhere outside your home.

Gathering spaces

Light up your outdoor gathering spaces with a fire bowl. To complete the image, set fire bowls on pillars at the boundary of your seating spaces. You may use them to create a cozy atmosphere by placing them behind chairs. 

You might also be daring and incorporate them directly into the seats in key locations. Your visitors will feel like sitting around individual fire pits created by the natural separators between every few chairs.

Standalone space in the patio

Your backyard patio might be the talk of the neighborhood when you set up a fire bowl. A fire bowl at a focal point in the landscape is an instant object of interest. 

With just a little amount of planning and creativity, your fire bowl may be the focal point of your whole outdoor area. To accomplish this look, set one atop a structure or in the middle of a fascinating swirl pavement arrangement.

Outdoor dining area

A fire bowl is a perfect way to brighten your outdoor eating experience. When using a circular outdoor dining table, a tiny round bowl fits perfectly in the table's center, and the propane tank may be concealed beneath the table's surface. Have dinner by the fire without using any candles.

Around the pool

A mystical ambiance may be achieved by placing miniature fire bowls around a pool. The flames will provide natural, warm light as they bounce off the water and allow you to swim late into the night. 

A tiny fire bowl is also a terrific addition to fountains and other water features. Water and fire are a great complement to one another because they balance each other out. If you go with this approach, some blue fire glass to match the water would be a nice touch.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Fire Bowl

How do you choose the best fire pit bowl for your requirements? First, let's go through some important factors to consider.


Let’s not deny that you can DIY a fire bowl. But, purchasing a fire bowl from reputable manufacturers is the safest way to have one. So, make sure to buy from reputable distributors like us. We provide warranties and also, we can assure you the quality of the products we sell.



Take measurements of the area where you intend to place the fire bowl. Check to determine what size fire bowl will fit in your available space while providing adequate safety clearance.


Concrete, copper, and even steel may be found in certain fire bowls, but they aren't the only elements that go into their creation.

Copper appeals to the aesthetic sensibilities of some individuals, who may also appreciate the patina that forms on the metal over time. However, it can be more expensive than other materials, and if the patina is not to the user's liking, maintaining it may be difficult.

Concrete, on the other hand, is not only inexpensive but also long-lasting and resistant to the elements. However, it is not portable, and its design might not be to everyone's taste in terms of appearance.Brick and stone are options that may be considered, but the expense of using them is higher than concrete.

We suggest a fire pit with a high heat enamel finish on the bowl to protect it from corrosion and discoloration caused by heat and stainless steel for burners and bolts. Coated in enamel and made of stainless steel, these materials are resistant to corrosion and robust enough to withstand the passage of time. It's lighter, more portable, and easier to maintain than copper. It's adaptable to a variety of different approaches to interior decoration.

Look for a frame that has been powder-coated to prevent corrosion. Additionally, pay particular attention to the seams and joints to ensure that the powder coat has not been removed from any of those areas. Finally, you need to ensure that the frame's fasteners are of high quality and that they are made of stainless steel. Again, this is related to the structure of the frame.

Design options

Finally, from an aesthetic sense, think about other features of a fire table's design besides materials. For example, maintain a consistent style across your outside space.

Top 5 Recommended Products

Bobe Round Fire Pot



Bobe Round Fire Pot



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The ideal showcasing environment for the Perfect Flame. Bobé fire pots are intended to be the focal point of any gathering. Each bowl is constructed with heavy-grade material and finished with a TIG-welding and polishing process.

Fire pits are adaptable and may be placed in several different locations. Make it the focal focus of your outdoor designs, or use it to enhance them.

With all of these exciting amenities, you'll have an experience in the great outdoors that you'll be glad to brag about.

The Outdoor Plus Sedona Wide Ledge Round Fire Pit in GFRC Concrete + Free Cover



The Outdoor Plus Sedona Wide Ledge Round Fire Pit in GFRC Concrete + Free Cover



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The stunning high-end Sedona Wide Ledge Round Fire Pit in GFRC Concrete is ideal for use in residential or commercial settings because of its adaptability and high level of craftsmanship. It is an exquisite spherical sculpture that has a broad ledge and would look wonderful on any patio, yard, or terrace you want to place it. It will bring the enchantment of fire to the countless hours spent with friends and family.

Individually and meticulously created. Because of the handcrafted nature of the product, there may be some subtle differences in color and texture. Proudly manufactured in the US, so the no doubt about the quality!

The Outdoor Plus Cazo Round Fire Bowl in Hammered Copper + Free Cover


The Outdoor Plus Cazo Round Fire Bowl in Hammered Copper + Free Cover
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The Cazo Fire Bowl has several characteristics that are evocative of Spanish design. Because of the Cazo's spherical curve, it exudes an air of warmth and welcomes both you and your guests. In addition, the hammered copper finish makes it an excellent accent piece that you may use in your outdoor setting. 

It is a sophisticated accessory that can be added to the backyard or patio of any home. The flame may be controlled by either a lighted match or an electric ignition, giving you a choice between the two. Included in the package is a traditional lava rock burning display, and if you want to give your fire a more personalized appearance, the burning display may also be used with fire glass.

The Outdoor Plus Avalon Square Fire Bowl in Hammered Copper + Free Cover


The Outdoor Plus Avalon Square Fire Bowl in Hammered Copper + Free Cover

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The traditional tapering square bowl has been given a contemporary makeover in the form of the Avalon Fire Bowl. It features a beautiful curving construction that will bring a visual delight to you and any visitors you may have.

The Outdoor Plus Maya Fire Bowl in GFRC Concrete + Free Cover


The Outdoor Plus Maya Fire Bowl in GFRC Concrete + Free Cover
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A great flame is produced by the Maya Fire Bowl, which is a bowl with a tapered shape. It will unquestionably make the area you have outside feel more inviting and pleasant. The fire has various outdoor and manufacturing characteristics that are long-lasting and sturdy in several conditions.

Sum it Up!

Consider a fire bowl if you want an attractive but timeless or a strikingly contemporary fire pit. Something is reassuring about gathering in a circle, and this form lends itself to contemporary and classic aesthetics.

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