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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Best Planters

August 19, 2022 4 min read

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Best Planters

Among all American architects, Frank Lloyd Wright describes the life of the finest. Wright was a genuine American genius who thought he had been here on this earth to remake the entire world.

He created over 800 buildings throughout his career, including ground-breaking ones like the Taliesin, Fallingwater, the Unity Temple, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Johnson Wax Building. His installations and concepts altered how we think, live and perceive the world.

The upheaval of Frank Lloyd Wright's eventful life frequently eclipsed his architectural accomplishments. He fathered seven children, married three times, and was perpetually involved in a scandal over his ninety-two eventful years. Nevertheless, few could dispute that he was one of the most significant architects in the planet's history, despite the passion he inspired.


His Works of Art

Wright built no fewer than twelve of the 100 most important structures in the Architectural Record during his career of 70 long years, making him one of the most prolific, unconventional, and divisive masters of 20th-century architecture. 

Frank Lloyd Wright's residences, offices, cathedrals, schools, towers, hotels, and galleries represent the first genuine American architecture. They prove a man whose unshakable commitment to his beliefs transformed his field and nation.


His Impact on the World of Art

Wright entered the scene when the United States had trouble defining its architectural identity.

Most affluent Americans still preferred to dress themselves and their structures in European fashions. This act was intolerable to Wright, who considered architecture "the mother of all the arts." He believed it urgently needed genuine American architecture to represent and celebrate the nation's distinct identity. Throughout his life, Wright would be fervently committed to this mission.

Wright understood that space and structure could be effective vehicles for expressing cultural ideas long before our present emphasis on constant communication. As a result, he created striking new shapes to promote his vision of America as a nation of peacefully coexisting citizens and the land.

The significance of his residential architecture to the fireplace, the table, the music rooms, and the patio emphasizes this principle. Wright would be entitled to a seat at any modern debate panel on placemaking due to his celebration of the human scale, concentration on creating a whole environment, and the warmth that permeates all of his spaces, no matter how large or little.

Furthermore, Wright anticipated many of the environmental issues we face today through his commitment to designing architecture naturally connected to its surroundings, both in form and substance. And even though American culture has altered significantly since the early 1900s, Wright's core ideas are still remarkably relevant today.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Best Planters in the Market

Contemporary outdoor planters may appear to be everyday, insignificant objects. Yet, you probably take them for granted.

Nevertheless, Frank Lloyd Wright sought beauty in every little aspect, even the area reserved for your prized plants.

Frank Lloyd Wright was prolific and a staunch defender of design. He always ensured his projects showcased the power of nature, and his creations blended seamlessly with his surroundings. 

No doubt, planters are lovely, whether empty or contain a flowering plant. And today, the industry's demand for contemporary residential planters with artistic yet practical designs continues to sky-rocket.


1.Oak Park Studio Vase Planter


Frank Lloyd Wright - Oak Park Studio Vase Planter
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The Oak Park Studio Vase Planter is the most intricately designed in the Frank Lloyd Wright collection, with a bowl-shaped body supported by a finely crafted square base and capped with a huge rim box opening.

These planters have a pattern on the underside of the top ring and which Wright originally intended to be pedestal-style pieces that sat above eye level. A true work of art!

Available in 24-inch diameter, 35-inch diameter, and 45-inch diameter.


2.Johnson Wax Building Vase Planter


Frank Lloyd Wright - Johnson Wax Building Vase Planter - Majestic Fountains
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Racine, Wisconsin, is home to Johnson Wax Building Vase. Wright never made the Johnson Wax Vase, despite designing it. The 48-inch-diameter Johnson Wax Building vases, with a maximum weight capacity of 680lbs, were the original vases that Wright designed.

Available in 24-inch diameter, 36-inch diameter, and 48-inch diameter, you may customize the item in Cream, Limestone, Pewter, Tan, and Terra Cotta.


3.Allen House Vase Planter


Frank Lloyd Wright - Allen House Vase Planter in 3 sizes - Majestic Fountains
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This exquisite, understated bowl perches atop a square pedestal at the Allen residence, built in 1917 for Kansas Governor Henry J. Allen. 

All sizes are deep enough to grow various plants, including shrubs, palm trees, and vibrant flowers. Wright used the best materials and craftsmanship to create these planters, the finest ever constructed for the home and garden.

Available in 27 1/2-inch diameters, 41-inch diameters, and a 55-inch diameter full-scale replica of the original.


4.Oak Park Residence Vase Planter


Frank Lloyd Wright - Oak Park Residence Vase Planter
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This lovely bowl with a very intricate base was part of Frank Lloyd Wright's residence in Oak Park, Illinois, directly next to his studio. The vase's initial design included a pattern on the underside of the top ring. Wright intended to rest the material on a pedestal above a person's line of sight.

Available in 20-inch diameter, 28.50-inch diameter, and 37-inch diameter.


5.American System Build House Vase Planter


Frank Lloyd Wright - American System Build House Vase Planter
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Wright devised a plan for a collection of low-cost houses that people could order by catalog from a Wisconsin developer. This modest, traditional vase was available as an option in the American Systems Built House.

Available in 18-inch diameter, 24-inch diameter, and 30-inch diameter, you may customize the item in Cream, Limestone, Pewter, Tan, and Terra Cotta.


The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Taliesin West, Scottsdale, and Arizona have authorized the pieces of pottery listed above. Created with the help of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio Foundations, and the Robie House Museum Properties, a small authenticity plaque will be given for each planter purchased. The sales of these planters partly support these organizations' conservation and teaching efforts.

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