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All About Corten (COR-TEN) Steel Fire Pit Tables

August 19, 2022 5 min read

All About Corten (COR-TEN) Steel Fire Pit Tables

A steel alloy called COR-TEN produces a rust-like protective layer (patina) as it organically develops its protective outer layer. Corten steel is weathering steel with a rust-like appearance after years of weathering without the structural weakening attributed to rust. 

Why Are They So Popular?

Corten weathering steel's protective rust creates a characteristic reddish-brown color and texture, making it a favorite of architects and design engineers. It finds widespread use in cutting-edge architecture, public art, and other modern contexts.

Its distinctive orange-brown rusty tint complements the structural steel's elegant appearance. Many designers and artists have become obsessed with the material because of its tough yet changeable character, as well as its unique visual appeal. 

Corten's antique appearance and ability to merge seamlessly into the environment make it a favorite choice among sculptors for creating outstanding and appealing works of art like fire pit tables that will elegantly endure the test of time.

The Pros of Using Corten (COR-TEN) Steel Firepit Tables

In the 1930s, coal wagon manufacturers created this product to aid in the construction of railroad coal wagons. Still, its popularity led to its application in outdoor sculptures and architecture, such as fire pit tables.

What distinguishes COR-TEN steel from other materials is how it rusts or weathers. It simply creates rust on its outside surface as a type of protection; it does not prevent rusting. Additionally, including chromium, copper, and nickel enhances the weather resistance of this steel, enabling the creation of the desired patina.

COR-TEN is known for its exceptional corrosion resistance (COR) and tensile strength (TEN), two different features from which the name originates. In addition, it develops a protective oxide coating of rust when exposed to the weather. 

The material is also sustainable and recyclable. 

1. Sustainable

The manufacturing process for COR-TEN steel uses a small amount of energy. As a result, the maintenance requirements for COR-TEN are minimal to nonexistent, and it has an 8 times greater corrosion resistance than regular steel. Therefore, you will not need to paint it, and you may use it for 8 times longer than you can with traditional steel.

COR-TEN steel may survive for many decades and has a lifetime of over 20 years on average. It can lower the demand for raw materials and other expenditures like building, painting, and maintenance because of the duration people can utilize it for a project.

2. Recyclable

It is possible to recycle COR-TEN steel with ease. In addition to being recyclable, it is composed of steel that manufacturers have recycled before and after use. You may take it to any factory or workshop for metal casting once its useful life is up for other services. Steel is nearly 100% recyclable and does not deteriorate after recycling. 

COR-TEN Steel Care and Maintenance 

COR-TEN steel requires very little upkeep after the patina coating has developed. Still, we advise routine surface cleaning and monitoring for any irregularities.

The following are a few care and maintenance guidelines for your COR-TEN steel fire pit tables:

  • To clean the material, avoid using regular cleaning products. Use non-ferrous cleaning supplies instead. In most cases, just brushing the surface is enough to eliminate soiling.
  • Remove protective films as soon as possible to avoid the film and steel surface bonding. You can use spirit to remove adhesive residues. It is simpler to clear after mild heat.
  • Scale and grout stains can be removed using phosphoric acid and rinsed with clean water. The use of diluted hydrochloric acid or cement film remover is never advisable.
  • You must remove ferrous particles immediately, as they can permeate the passive layer of the COR-TEN steel and lead to corrosion. For this, you can use ferrite-free cleaning sponges or other similar items. A pickling procedure can be essential if degradation has already developed.
  • Keep your distance from salt. You may remove oil and grease with organic cleaning products. However, it would help if you eliminated all cleaning agent residues.
  • Steer clear of unnecessary corrosion. Work on steel and COR-TEN steel happens in different locations. Use other tools for COR-TEN steel or make sure that equipment is completely free of ferrous particles. 

Best COR-TEN Steel Fire Pit Tables in the Market

Africa's Big Five Wood Burning and Gas Fire Pit - by Fire Pit Art

Africa's Big Five Wood Burning and Gas Fire Pit - by Fire Pit Art
Check Price

 Enjoy Africa Big Five - Fire Pit Art to create your summer retreat!

Inspired by the wide plains of Africa, this Wood Burning Fire Pit will transform your outside space into a haven for relaxation and comfort.

Take this exotic fire pit to the outdoors and welcome the Savannah to your home. Handmade in the USA, Africa's Big Five Wood Burning Fire Pit fire bowl rests from 1/4" thick mild carbon steel intended to withstand the test of time. 

The maintenance-free, iron oxide finish enables this fire pit naturally color with time, so you never have to worry about sustaining the finish.


Beverly Fire Pit in COR-TEN Steel - By the outdoor Plus

The Outdoor Plus Beverly Fire Pit in Corten Steel + Free Cover
Check Price 

The Beverly Fire Pit in COR-TEN Steel from Outdoor Plus is the ideal focal point for your outdoor living areas.

With a natural feel and a combination of contemporary styles, this fire pit is a highly modern fire feature. It is a highly versatile piece of furniture with a straightforward design that will turn heads. 

Finished in COR-TEN steel, the Beverly Fire Pit is a great cylindrical fire pit with modern lines ideal for relaxing on the patio with friends. 


Forma Square Fire Pit in COR-TEN Steel - by The Outddor Plus

The Outdoor Plus Forma Square Fire Pit in Corten Steel + Free Cover

Manufacturers incorporated the latest technological advancements in burner construction and energy efficiency into the design and construction of the Outdoor Plus Forma Fire Pit in COR-TEN steel. As a result, you may use propane and natural gas with this heat source. 

The Outdoor Plus Forma Square Fire Pit will look great in any setting! It is a lovely decoration you and your loved ones will enjoy spending hours by the flames.


Billow Fire Pit in COR-TEN Steel - by The Outdoor Plus

Check Price 

The curving shoreline and crashing waves of the California coast inspired The Outdoor Plus' remarkable Billow Fire Pit. 

All those big, breaking waves in California inspired this unusual fire pit, guaranteed to wow and draw everyone's interest and appreciation. The Billow Fire Pit rests easily in premium COR-TEN steel.

Cabo Square Fire Pit in COR-TEN Steel - by The outdoor Plus

Check Price 

Simple and elegant, the Cabo Fire Pit by The Outdoor Plus is a square fire pit made of COR-TEN Steel. This fire pit is an excellent addition to any outdoor living area.

The TOP Fires Cabo Square Fire Pit is made available in Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Hammered Copper, Stainless Steel, and Powder Coated Steel. A burner, a key valve, hoses, and a stainless steel fire pan are also in the package.

La Jolla Rectangle Fire Pit in COR-TEN Steel - by The Outdoor Plus

La Jolla Rectangle Fire Pit in COR-TEN Steel - by The Outdoor Plus

The La Jolla Fire Pit is unlike any other.

Its uniqueness and beauty come from its shape and design. It appears charming and exquisite to have a rectangle base and a rectangular top with curved corners. And the COR-TEN steel finish on it gives it a truly refined, classic look.

Hammered copper, stainless steel, and powder-coated steel are other materials for the Top Fires La Jolla Fire Pit. Additionally, you may use natural gas and propane with this heat source.

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