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Improving Home Decor Using Pedestal Stands

November 26, 2022 3 min read

Improving Home Decor Using Pedestal Stands

Have you heard that pedestal stands may greatly enhance interior design? These furnishings are perfect for sprucing up any space, whether a bedroom, nook, foyer, stairwell, etc. You can put a lot of stuff on the show, including paintings and flower vases. Here are several ways to make your surroundings more interesting.


What You Can Do

Place planters

Oxford Pedestal in GFRC


A pedestal stand can lift plant pots to a comfortable viewing height. The pedestal base should match the style of your home and planter. For example, use a circular pedestal with a matching planter. You should use pedestals in groups of three, five, or seven. It ought to go well with the tables, stools, and couches already in the space.


Urns and vases

You can use an urn, a piece of pottery, or an antique vase to decorate a pedestal stand. The goal is to make an appealing display, so be imaginative in your item selection. Place antique urns and vases on pedestals in lobbies, at the top of stairs, and in front of windows for a classic look.



Pedestal stands add to the aesthetic value of your sculptures when compared to displaying them on the floor or a tabletop. Botanical sculpture, abstract art, human shapes, and the like can all look great on pedestal stands, indoors or outdoors. The sculpture you plan to display will determine the pedestal style you choose.

It's okay to place sculptures on pedestals in some cases. The smaller items can be displayed singly or in clusters on a coffee table, console, or sofa. We need to think about the theme of our sculpture and pick a pedestal that fits it. For example, you may have two pedestals with a stylized Zen design and put a Buddha's head on one of them, along with the traditional Zen emblem of black piled rocks. Put a bamboo plant in a glass vase and set it off with these two stands. 



When it comes to bringing candles to a more comfortable viewing height, a pedestal stand may be the best option. To improve the illumination around the house, you can use many pedestal stands if you have them. You may get things started by putting the candles in the right kind of holder before you move on to using the pedestal support.



Elevating lamps with pedestal supports is one of the most effective techniques to increase the amount of light in a room. It is preferable if the lamp has a distinctive appearance or is made of stained glass. If you hang the lamp from the ceiling, rather than placing it on a table, you will be able to attract more attention.


Flower arrangement

The best method to showcase an exquisite bouquet is on a pedestal. Ensure the aspect ratio is maintained using this form of visual representation. A tiny, squat arrangement is not what you want to put on a show. Imagine an attractive and plentiful scenario. The height and width of your floral arrangement and its hues and textures are essential to this. Due to its prominence, the layout needs to be excellent.



Adding a pedestal to the concept of a book stand creates a stylish and functional piece for any study, room, or library. This is especially important if you want to make an exception for a certain book. This might be a Bible or other religious text, a genealogy tome, or a rare and valuable book from your own library.

Columbia Pedestal in GFRC



Decorating a space with pedestals may give height, intrigue, drama, and elegance to the arrangement of furniture in the room. Utilize a variety of various pedestal forms and designs to give the items you plan to showcase a more impressive appearance.

A pedestal is a classic and attractive way to display any type of ornament. The ancient Greeks were the first to utilize pedestals to showcase marble sculptures of their deities. However, we can now employ them to give your home's design a spectacular focal point. They may be found in a wide array of sizes, materials, and forms. Adding a contemporary piece to this classic gives your house a welcome dose of contrast.


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