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Large Oversized Commercial Planters for Trees To Brighten Workspaces

February 03, 2023 5 min read

Large Oversized Commercial Planters for Trees To Brighten  Workspaces

A simple way to add color, form, and beauty to any outdoor or indoor space is by growing trees in pots.

Tree planters can be used in any building with a deck or patio, including workplaces, dining establishments, hotels, and communal living areas. Without making major renovations, pots and planters are a terrific way to upgrade the appearance of the interior or outdoor environment. 

Are commercial planters for trees your thing? This guide will help you locate the ideal materials, fashions, and more!

Why Buy Commercial Planters?

Large oversized planters, other also called Commercial planters for trees  not only offer an easy method to add greenery to a landscape but can also be utilized to define and design beautiful client areas for companies. Several well-placed plants or trees may be used to define areas, make pathways, and control traffic. For example, restaurant planters filled with trees or tall bushes may successfully enclose an outside eating room to provide your clients a warm, private location to enjoy.

Large oversized planters are perfect for enhancing public spaces and making them inviting places for people to spend time. They can be used to spruce up commercial spaces to build gandure and act as barriers. The abundance of concrete in metropolitan settings makes plants a welcome contrast, as they add much-needed color and beauty to spaces that could otherwise appear uninviting. Additionally, Commercial planters for trees would enhance common areas and provide street furniture with benches and seating that doubles as plant displays. Large-scale commercial endeavors like house construction benefit from the final touch that bespoke designs provide.

Offering Portability of large trees and shrubs where planting them in the ground is not possible. Where planting would otherwise be difficult, commercial planters for trees may quickly change the appearance of an outdoor area and improve landscapes. You have control over the design of your container when you choose a specialized bespoke service, so you are not constrained by what is available in stores. This gives you the freedom to pick the size and form, and other things you want to use to make a lovely show.

Where to Place Oversized Commercial Planters

It is important to remember that integrating greenery via planters to commercial space may be done differently. This decorative element may be used in a variety of ways.

Here is where to put your commercial planters for trees:

Entrance – First impressions matter and a large, attractive planter may help you make the grand entry your company deserves. 


commercial planters in entrance


Signages – Large planters should be placed next to your company sign to draw more attention and inform passersby of who you are as a business and what you provide. 


commercial planters near signages


Pathways – Planters can partition and demarcate certain areas while maintaining pedestrian traffic safety in public patios, plazas, or walkways.


Commercial planters in patio


Indoors - Bringing nature into an indoor space has never been easier. Oversized planters do a great job of bringing a large shrub and tree into an indoor space immediately adding to the ambiance. 


Commercial planters indoor


Trees You Can Plant

All trees are excellent for providing height, structure, and beauty to business landscapes, both indoors and out. Some trees are treasured for their voluminous spring flowers, while others are cherished for their dependable evergreen color. There are countless species to choose from, but not all of them can be grown in containers with the help of commercial planters for trees. Check the right size of the tree before buying, and stay with miniature or decorative kinds.

If you’re still not sure where to begin, this list of the three best trees for containers is guaranteed to inspire you.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple is recognized for its beautiful shape, weeping branches, and stunning fall color. It is the perfect tree to create a zen-like environment and loads of dotted shade to a reception, lobby, or outdoor bar because as the seasons change, its delicate leaves take on shades of russet, burnt orange, and plum. During the spring and summer, it does require frequent watering because it has to be maintained in a shaded spot away from drying winds and harsh sunlight.

Placements should be made around outdoor spa seating areas or sun loungers to give beauty, shade, and a tranquil atmosphere.

Olive trees 

Olive trees in commercial planters are a popular choice for adding a touch of nature to indoor and outdoor commercial spaces. These trees are versatile, hardy, and aesthetically pleasing, making them ideal for a variety of settings, such as offices, shopping centers, hotels, and public spaces. 

Olive trees in commercial planters are typically grown in containers that are specially designed to accommodate their size and growth requirements. They are also carefully maintained to ensure their health and longevity. Olive trees are known for their distinctive silver-grey leaves, gnarled trunks, and ability to thrive in a range of climates and conditions.

With proper care, an olive tree in a commercial planter can provide a beautiful and long-lasting addition to any indoor or outdoor commercial space.


Conifer trees – including cypress, fir, juniper, and pine – come in a breathtaking variety of colors, textures, and forms and are ideal for growing in strong outdoor pots. But keep in mind that for the roots of these trees to spread out and absorb as much nutrition as possible, the container in which they are planted must be at least 5 inches larger than the plant. 

If you use a high-quality, well-draining potting mix and take care not to overwater them, which may result in mildew and other potentially fatal illnesses, perennial plants can produce rich, year-round foliage.

Place conifers strategically along corridors or waiting areas to direct clients to your door, or place a pair on either side of an entranceway to make a striking impression.

Ficus Trees

This tropical tree, which is native to Australia and the South Pacific, may grow to dizzying heights of 50 feet or more, but fortunately, when cultivated inside, it only gets as high as 10 feet. The amazingly adaptable ficus trees, with their glossy, deep green leaves sticking out from a thin trunk, are as at home indoors next to a south-facing window or beneath a skylight as it is outside. 

Add many ficus trees in chic fiberglass planters within your establishment to give it a clean, modern feel. Additionally, studies demonstrate that indoor plants increase office wellness and productivity.


If you want Large Oversized planters or commercial planters for trees, the most crucial thing to look for is strong and trustworthy pots. The quality of commercial planters is necessary since they offer the base of development and protect the tree from toppling over, especially for tall trees.

Additionally, a well-made, expertly crafted planter is more likely to impress clients and advance your company objectives, which is why you are initially investing in biophilic design! 

Our commercial planters for trees are ideal for both indoor and outdoor planting since they are made of lightweight yet sturdy fiberglass. There are many colors and designs available to satisfy the design requirements of your company.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our products. Or, even better, give us a call and we would be pleased to guide you through any queries or requests you might have.

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