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Giannini Modern Garden Statuary: Giving a Breath of Life to your Property

by N. Miller June 07, 2022 4 min read

Giannini Modern Garden Statuary Giving a Breath of Life to your Property - Majestic Fountains and More

Defined by its delicate beauty, the modern garden statuary is a free-flowing mixture of color and form. With everything from classic to contemporary designs, it's no surprise that this type of garden has been increasing in popularity over the past several years.

What Exactly is a Modern Garden Statuary?

It's not just about the statuaries; rather, how these pieces interact with different natural materials and colors to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. An elegant, uncluttered look generally characterizes modern garden statuary. The use of natural materials and simple detailing produces an organic, informal, and natural atmosphere.

It can be as small as a flowerpot in your living room or as large as a multi-acre estate. It's all about how the environment is created and how it fits your everyday life. Rather than being thoroughly planned out, this type of garden naturally grows and develops through the placement of various statutory pieces.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Modern Garden Statuary

– Modern-day statuaries can be as unique as you want them to be.

So whether you want to achieve a specific look or an eclectic feel, it's all possible with modern statuary pieces.


– They can be very versatile.

Whether your dream is to create a wild, organic-looking garden, or if you want to make a classic country estate into a stunning estate complete with gorgeous country-style statuary, modern statuary pieces can be the perfect way of achieving that particular kind of result.

– Statuaries can practically be placed anywhere in your outdoor or indoor setting.

They are not limited to being placed in front of a building or fence. A good statuary artist will know how to create a piece that fits in with the surrounding landscape in such a way as to give it a harmonious look and feel.


– Statuaries are made to last.

Traditional statues that have been around for centuries can be very heavy, causing them to break or crack with the weight of age. But modern statuary pieces are made from lightweight materials and are built using non-corrosive metals, so they'll likely outlast your home.


Our Top Recommended Modern Garden Statuary You Will Love

If you are interested in getting this type of garden, we have listed some of the finest modern garden statuaries available right now.

Giannini Garden Tuscan Country Girl Statue


Giannini Garden Tuscan Country Girl Statue - 8105 - Majestic Fountains and More
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Thoughtfully constructed with a 14" round base, this decorative figurine is made from concrete and cast stone. The silhouette of an elegant girl standing makes for an ideal focal piece for your outdoor spaces.

The Giannini Garden Tuscan Country Girl Statue comes in different Patina stains to give your statuary garden a unique look and feel.

The statue is also made with a durable stone, which will last for generations. This particular piece will bring life to any landscape with such an elegant statuette. This statue would make the perfect accent piece for your front porch, garden or pathway.

Giannini Garden Venere & Bacco Statue


Giannini Garden Venere & Bacco Statue - 8001 & 8002 - Majestic Fountains and More
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Fell in love with The Venere & Bacco Statues, a stunning outdoor set with a beautiful pair of classical lovers standing together by Giannini Garden. These statues are sure to give you the taste of forever beauty. This romantic interpretation of a happy couple makes for an ideal centerpiece for your garden setting.

The Venere & Bacco Statues are made from hand-cast concrete. We love the versatility of the two pieces, their lovely detailing, and beautifully unique patina stains.

Giannini Garden Dancer of the Roses Statue


Giannini Garden Dancer of the Roses Statue - Majestic Fountains and More
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Hypnotizing and hauntingly beautiful, this statuette is cast in concrete with a pedestal. Incredibly lifelike, the dancer features an extremely detailed look but still maintains a certain simplicity and grace.

A statue of such detail and beauty makes for an ideal centerpiece for any patio or garden. IIn addition, it comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty, assuring you that it's worth the shot.


Giannini Garden Kids on Bench Statue


Giannini Garden Kids on Bench Statue - Majestic Fountains and More
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Feel the vibrancy of modern life with this piece by Giannini Garden. This statue depicts two angelic-looking children sitting on a bench made from cast concrete.

This large figurine will bring some lively and lighthearted laughter to your outdoor space or indoors by bringing a small hint of humor. Available in six different variants, this piece is guaranteed to last for decades and is made with a durable stone that will likely outlast your home.


Final Thoughts

Overall, this statue style is beautiful and lends itself to being displayed anywhere. It can be used indoors or outdoors and will make a statement wherever you decide to place it.

When decorating your home, modern garden statuary pieces are the perfect way of changing the atmosphere in such a way as to create a more unified and harmonious look. These delicate and inspiring statues will surely give your home a natural, organic feel and will be sure to bring an air of sophistication to any landscape.

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