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Options for Turning Fire Features On/Off

November 21, 2021 3 min read

Options for Turning Fire Features On/Off - Majestic Fountains and More

Are you looking for a hassle free and easy way to light up your fire features?

If yes, you are on the right page! Traditional fire features can be messy and need a lot of work to light up. Automated Fire Features are turned On/Off by with the help of electricity. Power supplied to the fire feature lights up the fire and once the power supply is cut off, the fire is turned off.

To light up the fire or to switch off the fire feature, there are various devices available in the market. So let’s have a look on the following list of the devices that can be used to turn an automatic fire feature on and off:

 On/Off Switch – 

We can control the power supply to the fire pit with a simple wall switch. The switch will control the High Voltage (120VAC or Higher) Power going to the transformer or power supply and will supply Low Voltage Power to the fire feature. 

Timer – 

Timer is another option for switching the fire on and off. Timer can be either a Mechanical (Wind-Up) or Digital Timer that controls High Voltage Power going to the transformer or power supply which supplies Low Voltage Power to the fire feature. Mechanical Timers are a great option for apartments or housing complexes because it allows the resident to turn the feature on but as the time expires, it switches off automatically.

Emergency Stop Switch – 

As the name suggests, Emergency Stop Switches are generally used during emergencies. It can be used to turn fire features on and off, however they are meant to be used as a Secondary method for turning the fire feature on and off along with a wall switch or other similar option being used as the Primary means for turning the feature on and off. Usually Emergency Stop Switches are recommended on Commercial projects. They are placed close to the fire feature, in a place easily visible to people. So that in case of an emergency anyone near the fire feature can turn it off quickly by pushing the Emergency Stop Switch. 

Remote Control (RC Kit) – 

Now-a-days, remote controls have become very popular for all kinds of technology. Similarly, fire pits can be controlled with a remote too. There is a remote control kit available which is mounted in a weatherproof junction box and comes with two handheld remotes. When you buy the remote control it is configured to your specifications. For example, if you have two fire features at your place and want them to be operated with the same remote, you can get two different buttons on the same remote configured accordingly.

Smartphone / Tablet – 

Similar to a remote control kit, you can also control your fire features with your Smartphone or Tablet. There is a Smart Phone Remote Control available which looks similar to the RC Kit but it does not come with handheld remote controls as the controls are configured in your Smartphone or tablet. Smartphone remote control needs configurations in order to connect it to your Wi-Fi network. 

Swimming Pool Controller –

If you have a nice pool area with fire features installed around your pool and if your pool is controlled by any Pool Controller, you can turn on or off your fire features with these controllers provided the power to your fire features is being supplied by the Pool Controller. 


Everyone loves to spend an evening alongside a fire feature with their family and friends. But sometimes lighting up a fire can become a task as it may need little effort and time. So we have mentioned the list of devices which can easily light up fire in your automatic ignition fire pits. These devices will light the fire in no time and you can spend a warm and cosy evening with your loved ones without much work. So don’t wait any longer and get your hands on any of these devices which suits your fire feature.

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