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Pool Scuppers: Are They Worth It?

August 26, 2022 4 min read

Pool Scuppers Are They Worth It

Do you want to add a waterfall effect to your pool? And to do so at a reasonable cost? Pool scuppers could be exactly what you're looking for.

These pool water features produce flowing water, are inexpensive, and may add ambiance and elegance to your outdoor oasis. Whatever sort of pool you have, there is a specific style, size, and materials that will meet your demands and make your backyard a pleasurable place to swim. This article will discuss pool scuppers, their benefits, and downsides, and the various design alternatives available.

What are Pool Scuppers?

​​Pool scuppers are like drains that move water from one place to another. The word "scupper" comes from boats and the culture around them. They are holes in the side of a boat that let water out if there is too much water on the board or cockpit.

When it comes to pools, a scupper is more of an aesthetic feature that makes an arched waterfall that falls into the pool. Scuppers add to the look of the pool by letting water drop from an arch in a calm, cascading way into the pool. But it is still very important for moving water from a spa or another part of the pool.

There are many different shapes, sizes, and materials for pool scuppers. Pool scuppers are typically installed in an area of the pool that is higher than the rest. This can be done with a raised spa, columns, or a regular wall.

Pool Scuppers Materials


When a copper scupper is manufactured, the copper starts to patina right away. Patina is made when the copper reacts with the elements and oxidizes. It creates a series of colors that coat the copper and keep it safe.

With time, the material will take on colors that look like dirt. Every scupper is different. There are many different colors, from light to dark brown to blue-green and gray. This process gives the copper water feature a beautiful, natural finish that enhances its appearance. better. Copper scuppers are also known as "living water features" because of their characteristics. 

Stainless Steel

Corrosion resistance is a better way to describe stainless steel. The high percentage of chromium present makes it corrosion resistant. Furthermore, stainless steel pool scuppers are very easy to clean, which is why many pool owners like this material.

This metal is appealing all on its own, either treated to a high gloss or satin-finished. Noting its durability, it is a perfect material for pool scuppers.

Hammered Copper

Hammered coppers are known for their durability and appeal. The copper that has been hammered is typically more useful than copper that has been polished, which helps the material keep both its quality and its beauty.

Benefits of Having Pool Scuppers

  1. Scuppers may be a great addition to your pool design and outdoor setting if they are properly created to match the larger pool structure and home. 
  2. Pool scuppers are undeniably attractive. The soothing noises created by the continuous flow of water, as well as the elegant and beautiful appearance, provide a sensation of tranquility. The steady sound of flowing water is really soothing.
  3. Maintaining your pool water flow is an important part of keeping your pool temperature down. As additional water rushes in, it supplies oxygen to your pool water, cooling it as it circulates.

Pool Scuppers Design Ideas

Scuppers can be designed in a multitude of ways, with endless creative possibilities. Check out some of the most popular designs and product recommendations below. 

Feature Wall Scuppers

Most scuppers are installed on a wall. Feature wall scuppers usually come in sets of three. 

Recommended product: 

Bobe Wall Mounted Bowl Scupp

Bobe Wall Mounted Bowl Scupper
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Wide Scupper

It's hard not to admire this ultra-wide scupper design, which is 3 main sheet flow scuppers aligned side-by-side-by-side. It has a more modern appearance, but you can surely use it in any pool. This design may be used well on low-profile feature walls.

Bobe Fire & Water Smooth Flow Radius Scupper


Bobe Fire & Water Smooth Flow Radius Scupper
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Column Scupper

Column scuppers aren't as common as scuppers on a wall, but they may give your pool a more royal appearance. These stone scuppers, which seem like they came from ancient Rome, produce a slender 3-foot cascade. You may also notice a variation on this design, which employs a scupper bowl on the column's top where the water pools and pours out from.

Bobe Fire & Water U-Shape Scupper

Bobe Fire & Water U-Shape Scupper
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Spa Scupper

Scuppers aren't only for swimming pools. This luxurious spa includes a built-in wall feature with three smaller, spout-like scuppers that seem like they belong in the temple. While they have minimal effect on the spa's operation, they bring a bit of serenity to the environment and will be a peaceful presence while the spa is not in use.

What Should You Consider?


The only important drawback of adding pool scuppers is the cost. Get a quotation from your pool contractor for the cost of installing this extra water feature. Depending on the design, it might add a significant amount to the total cost of pool installation.


You should also clean your scuppers on a regular basis to prevent the formation of germs and algae. 

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