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Top 10 Best selling Majestic Water fountains for your home

January 11, 2022 5 min read

Top 10 Best selling Majestic Water fountains for your home

Building a water fountain in your home adds to the space's aesthetic appeal along with contributing to a relaxing atmosphere in and around your residential area.

A water fountain facilitates a soothing atmosphere in your home hereby, creating a calming mood in any area with the soothing sound of water trickling from the fountain.

Water fountains come in various shapes, sizes, and styles along with its benefits. Let's look at some benefits of a large water fountain you can look forward to enjoying:

  • Relaxing Ambience

Whether in a sitting room at home or a dental office waiting area, a large water fountain can help individuals unwind, relax, and feel at ease with its soothing presence itself.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

A large water fountain is sure to complement and enhance the aesthetic appeal of its environment with wide range of design styles.

  • Improved Air Quality

Water Fountains release negative ions which help subdue the positive ions from various appliances thus cleaning the air and improving its quality.

  • Improves Quality of Life

The gentle trickling sound of water is melody to one’s ears proving to be a great stress reliever, thus improving the quality of life.

  • Low Maintenance

Water fountains at home are simple to maintain, requiring only a weekly or biweekly refill and a full, thorough cleaning every 4-6 months.

Here are a few of the best Majestic Water Fountains for your home

  1. Giannini Garden Catalina Garden Fountain


The Giannini Catalina Concrete Terrace Outdoor Garden Fountain is a lovely 4-spout fountain. It is sure to complement any entryway of the garden area.

As the water streams from each spout and lands in each bowl, this fountain would make a tremendous poring sound. For an exquisite water show, the bowls are placed on a pedestal. As it illuminates the pouring water, the LED light draws even more attention. 

  1. Campania International Brentwood Wall Fountain

The Brentwood Fountain by Campania International is a simplistic and elegant Outdoor Water Wall Fountain with a minimalist design. Perfect for modern homes, this Wall fountain is suitable for any contemporary setting.

Available with a choice of magnificent colors, the Brentwood Wall Fountain provides a melodious sound of Water pouring through its spout creating a Calm atmosphere. 

  1. Gist Linear Fountain

One of its Kind, The Gist Linear Fountain without a doubt, reflects the influence of contemporary artistic influence This fountain is made of glass fiber reinforced concrete. It mimics genuine stone but is lower in weight and extremely durable.

This fountain shows influence in creativity. Visit Majestic Fountains and More for this flowing and beautiful fountain, which is ideal for use in an outdoor setting. 

  1. Giannini Garden Urbino Maximus Four Tier Fountain

The large outdoor water fountain has a Four-layered large outdoor water fountain. Classically designed to be the ultimate courtyard fountain with strong and durable cast-stone construction.

Water slowly cascade begins at the top finial passing into the tiers below, providing a pleasing sight and sound. It is one of the largest outdoor water fountains that is sure to escalate the beauty of your courtyard. 

  1. The Majestic Kelly Bowl

The Majestic Kelly Bowl comes with the features of fire and water. It has a pool basin of over 6ft width. This fountain is the pinnacle of elegance when it comes to water and fire features. 

It offers a unique touch to any outdoor setting. The Majestic Kelly Bowl itself is an enchanting fountain, but it's even better when it's lit up with fire. This beautiful fountain is available in Majestic Fountains and More.Do check it out. 

  1. Williamsburg Chiswell Fountain in Cast Stone


Aside from the many forms of large fountains, Birdbath fountains have a wide range of aesthetic appearances. They also have natural accents that are quite appealing.

One such birdbath fountain is the Williamsburg Chiswell Fountain that attracts birds and give your garden more life. In addition, the simplistic design of this fountain is sure to complement the theme or overall style of your yard or garden as it can blend in with the surroundings.

While most garden centers and bird supply stores offer a limited number of fountains suited for birdbaths, Majestic Fountains and More has a larger assortment of different sizes and designs of large bird bath fountains. 

  1. Gist Buddha Head Fountain


The intangible functions of a decorative water fountain statue are elevated beyond soothing effect to encompass inspirational sensations of melancholy and good humor. Water fountain statue is the most important component of the art of fountain-making, but only if it's done correctly and in a welcoming environment.

One example of a water fountain statue is a Buddha Water Fountain. It depicts Buddha, a timeless picture of Zen peace, as water cascades from the top of Buddha and flows gently into the contemporary style basin below.

  1. Sugar Kettle Fountain

Sugar Kettle Fountain

The sugar kettle is a product of the late 18th and 19th Century sugar industry. These beautiful, sphere-shaped kettles were primarily used to produce sugar. The Sugar Kettle Fountain is reminiscent of the ancient times where these giant vessels were used for sugar production & cooking.

The sugar kettle fountain kit brings traditional ancient vibe to your space.

     9. Triple Split Polished Basalt Fountain Kit

Real stone Fountains are a delightful sight to the eyes as they settle down in any environment giving a natural look.

The Triple Split Basalt Fountain is a beautiful 3 piece fountain set that is the perfect addition to your garden. The movement of water over natural stone brings the basalt alive, creating a soothing, contemplative atmosphere.

    10. Vortex Fountain with Ball - Outdoor Fountain 

The Vortex Fountain with Ball - Outdoor Fountain  create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere right in your backyard. This fountain is a unique modern piece that looks great in front of any home or business. The Vortex carries a smooth sound across its twisted body for everyone to enjoy. Looks great in Rustic finish. Water streams out from the top of a sphere, over a geometric tier and into the basin below for a pleasant, highly audible water sound that will soothe and relax you as you lounge nearby.

For More such Fountains, visit our online Store Majestic Fountains & More where you can find an amazing range of Fountains and much more.


These were some of the best majestic water fountains for home. Here are some quick tips on placing the fountain in your home.

Place your fountain in your home's north-western corner. Water is a northern element that represents a descending flow.

This implies that good fortune, happiness, and prosperity will flow down to the southern sections of your home. You might also choose to put your fountain near the front door to bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness inside the house. Visit Majestic Fountains and More for an excellent collection of large water fountains of the best quality and affordable rates.
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