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What Natural Rocks are used for Real Stone Fountains?

September 08, 2023 3 min read

What Natural Rocks are used for Real Stone Fountains?

Natural stone water fountains have a refined aesthetic that goes with various decorations because of its breathtakingly beautiful designs and patterns.

Natural stone water features or stone water fountains are mainly constituted of natural rocks such as Basalt, Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone & Travertine by shaping and drilling a hole in them.

While all types of stone materials come with vibrant colors, the natural stone water features ensure that each water fountain is one-of-a-kind. The fountains' brilliance will not fade because they are high-quality materials. Decorate your home with a genuine yet fashionable stone water fountain that will bring along beauty, tranquility and serenity to your garden.


Natural stone water features are available in the following materials

Natural stone water features are available in the following materials 


Kazan Triple column Complete Fountain Kit

Heiho Square Fountain in Basalt Stone

Basalt - 24″ Triple Split Polished 3 Piece Fountain Kit 

Many of the natural stone fountains are created using the Basalt Rock. It is a highly durable & sustainable material that is generally seen to be in the hues of grey and black. It has a high water resistance capacity. The raw unpolished finish of the basalt material makes it look natural, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. 


 White Gray Marble Cairn Stacked Pebbles Fountain 

Red Marble Almond Fountain Kit

Triple Pillar Artisan Fountain in Pink Marble

Marble is a metamorphic stone born from the combination of various rocks that have been subjected to anatomical changes due to the effects of intense pressure and heat which also result in the veining and pattern on the marble stone. Marble comes in numerous colors and shades. Each piece of marble is distinctive from another and looks attractive.

Marble Stone water fountains outdoors will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your home. Handcrafted by skilled and experienced artisans, you can bring joy and elegance into your home with these fancy stone water fountains 


Black Flower Granite - Sphere Fountain Kit 

Natural Bowl with Swirl Fountain Kit

Swirl Style Mill Stone Fountain Kit

Granite is another material most commonly used for constructing stone garden water fountains. It is coarse textured rock that gives your fountain an extraordinary look. The durability and beauty of granite material makes it perfect for natural stone water features. Moreover, the bright colors of the granite rocks remain intact and do not fade away.

The large stone garden water features constructed of granite can be used for landscape projects. They can also be used in various other places that include hotel, farmhouse, villa, office, restaurant, spa, hospital, exterior design, garden decor, interior design, etc.


Red Onyx Almond Fountain Kit

Grand Canyon Red Onyx Triple column Fountain

Yellow Onyx Sphere Fountain

The Onyx rock comes from the mineral named Onyx which is known for its amazing strength, and durability. The Onyx rock has parallel veining that looks breath-taking.Onyx represents sobriety and soberness. Hence, a stone water fountain constructed of onyx rock will be a great addition to your garden to create the perfect relaxing oasis in your garden, as well as in your backyard.


Triple Pillar Artisan Fountain in Blue Limestone

Mocha Limestone Triple stone column Fountain

Blue Limestone Cairn Stacked Pebbles Fountain

The limestone rock is made up of a combination of calcium carbonate and magnesium. It is commonly used in construction because of its strong and hard-wearing nature. The Limestone rock is widely available in shades of a variety of colors, majorly greys, tans, and silvers and blues. Running water from large Limestone water fountains creates a soothing ambiance. Because of their breathtakingly gorgeous design, these limestone water fountains offer a sophisticated aesthetic that complements any space. 


A stone water fountain outdoors can be a wonderful ornamental addition that can be placed in your garden, backyard, terrace, or any outdoor space. Natural Stone materials are tough and durable. They look beautiful and aesthetic as they feature a natural pattern and texture. All Natural stone garden water features made up of different materials are unique. It is unlikely for two stone fountains to be identical even if they are made up of the same stone material as they come from nature and have distinctive features. 

Stone water fountains are created with a blend of nature, art and architecture. They add a powerful touch to any house. These stone fountains go above and beyond, with mood-enhancing illumination. Majestic Fountains and More offers a lot of options on their amazing natural stone water fountain collection for your home and garden.

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