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Why Add Glass Indoor Fountain To Your Home?

August 05, 2022 5 min read

Why Add Glass Indoor Fountain To Your Home? - Majestic Fountains and More

Who doesn't enjoy indoor fountains? They make the perfect accent piece that helps unify your all other decorative pieces at home.

Glass indoor fountains have always been a significant decorative component. They bring majesty and elegance to your home. It gives the impression that you have a bit of nature element inside your home.

A glass indoor fountain also serves as an excellent centerpiece. It can be used as centerpieces for the guest tables or the main table during a special event like a wedding or engagement party.

However, did you realize that your indoor fountain is capable of much more than just being an attractive piece of décor? It is believed that the water element of the glass indoor fountain infuses the environment with uplifting energy. Your glass fountain not only makes the ideal coffee table centerpiece, but it also has several unexpected health advantages that can help you feel better both physically and mentally!

Benefits of Having Glass Indoor Fountain

You can decide if a glass fountain is perfect for you by considering its benefits listed below!

Helps Create A Spacious Room

Glass indoor fountains have far better and more diversified styles, shapes, and materials. It improves and complements a range of interior styles and decorations because of its transparent nature that allows water to appear to be invisibly falling when viewed from a distance, creating a relaxing sound and calming visual stimulation. Additionally, an indoor glass fountain creates the impression that water is pouring down both sides of the features, making your room look more spacious!

Best Suited For Logo And Inscriptions

A glass indoor fountain can add style, sophistication, and brand logos to your reception area. Adding dim lights to your indoor glass fountain can accentuate your logo's intricate features. Visitors will be impressed by a tidy, professional waiting room and a tranquil atmosphere created by the trickling water, allowing them to enjoy better views.

Relieves Stress

The soothing sound of water can aid in relaxation and stress reduction. Glass indoor fountain can considerably reduce tension since the soothing sound of flowing water is therapeutic. By installing one in your home, a person can improve their mental health and sense of tranquility in their daily lives.

A University of Sussex study found that the sounds of nature, notably rushing water, can significantly reduce stress levels. These healthy indoor water fountain sounds can also help you improve your focus and concentration by masking distracting noises and producing a white noise effect to aid with concentration.

Serves As A Natural Humidifier

An indoor glass fountain can also add moisture to your home if you live in a dry environment. If you reside in a humid environment, you might only need to install a dehumidifier to maintain your ideal level of comfort. Even a small amount of water that evaporates in the air adds moisture to the air in your house and purifies and cleans the air in every room. In addition, an indoor glass fountain also serves as a natural remedy for skin and nose irritation caused by dry air.

Creates Ambiance To Your Home

You may instantly create the ambiance you want by installing an indoor water feature fountain. Any visitor will be drawn in by the relaxing sight of the falling sparkling water. You must know which type of indoor glass fountain complements your decor style.

Improves Sleep

The sound of running water is the most soothing sound there is. In fact, a lot of soundtracks for sleep incorporate the sounds of running water or streams. You can sleep more easily by setting up an indoor glass fountain in your living or personal room.

Indoor water fountains produce soft, repeated waterfall noises. These noises generate a calming environment that can facilitate sleep. An additional advantage of an indoor water feature is that it can help you sleep comfortably by blocking out bothersome noises like traffic, noisy neighbors, or a dog barking.

White Noise Effect

An indoor glass fountain operates so that the water pours down the face of the glass panel from the top repeatedly, creating calming music as it strikes the river rocks below. The sound it produces blocks unwanted background noises such as passing cars, barking dogs, and obnoxious neighbors. Strangely, it also interrupts the silence, adds a relaxing white noise, and can help you increase your productivity and keep your mind at ease.

You can also switch to stop the water flow whenever you feel you need complete silence!

Low Maintenance

One of the features of an indoor glass fountain is that it only requires little attention. You will only need to refill the water once or twice a week and do a thorough cleaning every 4-6 months. To clean your fountain, you only need to unplug it and remove the pump and drain all of the water from the fountain. That's when you can wipe up the exterior and clean the tubes, pump, motor, and pipes. You can also consider using water treatment products to help clean your water for longer.

3 Shades Of Glass Surface For Your Glass Indoor Fountain

Each shade of indoor glass fountain gives a certain type of ambiance! Choosing the right shade is crucial, especially if you have your own preferences. Take note of the 3 shades of glass surface for your indoor glass fountain that can help you narrow down what type of indoor glass fountain you want to install.


Clear Shade

If you want a minimalistic style of indoor glass fountain, you can opt for a clear shade version! A clear glass surface is the most versatile shade of glass since it can give a sense of magic whatever the style you have in your home. Adding dim lights will also steer an eerie glow which will enchant anyone who looks at it.

Blue Shade 

Water is a transparent, colorless liquid with no discernible hints of color. If you want to add a reflective sky or a deep ocean element to your home, go for the blue shade of the indoor glass fountain! They're perfect for creating sparkling water and a tropical feel in every part of your home.

Green Shade

The green shade of the glass surface for your indoor glass fountain will give the impression that you have a bit of a natural element inside your home. It can absolutely create an ambiance and relaxing sanctuary because of its emerald and pristine look, adding extra life to your home. 

Consider Setting Up a Glass Indoor Fountain in Your Home

Owning a glass indoor fountain can give you something to sit and enjoy for the rest of your life. It serves as a calming space for your home, offering a peaceful experience by just watching the water flow or simply listening to the noises it creates. It can also serve as a conversation starter for your curious guests! 

With our vast array of styles and designs available, you can simply select one that matches your taste or suits the theme of your space!

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