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Top 5 Indoor Wall Mounted Water Features

August 05, 2022 4 min read

Top 5 Indoor Wall Mounted Water Features - Majestic Fountains and More

We know you're overwhelmed by all the options when looking for indoor wall mounted fountains. You want something beautiful and reliable, but it's hard to find! Well, we have the thing - our most popular products are in one spot.

As confusion over which is the best indoor wall mounted fountain to buy prevails in today's market, we bring you an easy-to-follow guide on how to pick your perfect match. There are various types of fountains with varying features and specifications that make choosing quite a daunting task for most buyers. Therefore, we've prepared a guide on how to find the best-suited product based on your needs.

Our Top Recommended Indoor Wall Mounted Water Features

Adagio Majestic River 69 "H x 54" W



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Adagio Majestic River Wall Fountain brings the beauty and tranquility of nature into your home or office. It measures 69" Tall x 54" Wide x 6", so it's perfect for displaying a company logo! With an EZ installation bracket included in this package, you'll be able to install one quickly without any hassle, just what every customer needs when looking forward to having an indoor wall-mounted water feature. 

Adagio Sunrise Springs 35 "H x 52" W



Adagio Sunrise Springs 35 "H x 52" W



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The Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain will liven up any room with its beauty and tranquility. It's a bold presence, but it doesn't take much to look beautiful! The 35" tall x 52" wide 6-inch deep piece can be used as an eye-catching centerpiece or accent for your desk at work each day without fail. In addition, the four 50-watt halogen lights on top of this unique fountain will make your outdoor space come alive with color.

Harvey Gallery Unwind


Harvey Gallery Unwind


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The Unwind Wall Fountain is a modern-day symbol of relaxation. The coils are like the binds from hard work, inviting you to sit back and watch as they unwind before your eyes or ears with their refreshing soundscape - one that can be custom-made, so it suits any need!

This beautiful and durable wall fountain will make a wonderful addition to your home or office. The backdrop is made from high-quality material, Lexan, which ensures it lasts for years! In addition, it features a hand-painted image on the backside, making this piece stand out against other fountains in its class.

Adagio Teton Falls 45"H x 61"W


Adagio Teton Falls 45"H x 61"W- Indoor Wall Fountain
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The Teton Falls Wall Fountain is a large, horizontal fountain that can be mounted on any wall. It features 50-watt halogen lights that shine down over its hood and tray, giving off a traditional look when you want something classic with no surprises. But if we're going more modern, there are plenty of other options, including rounded edges for an easier-paced design aesthetic.

Harvey Gallery Swan Lake


Harvey Gallery Swan Lake
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The Swan Lake wall fountain is an elegant piece of artwork with great functionality. This fountain features two swans swimming gracefully in a pond! Water glows along this panel to create a stunning shimmer effect that makes each piece unique and different from the next. Each Galaxy fine art wall fountain is hand-painted on high-tech clear acrylic, giving them an extra layer of protection against water damage with their sealant finish for complete durability in any environment. 

Indoor Wall Mounted Wall Feature Maintenance

The sleek design and steady water flow of an indoor wall mounted fountain are great ways to create a unique, stylish interior setting. Not only does this add style but also humidity to your home. With this in mind, keeping your fountain clean is a must. Cleaning your fountain at least twice a year is recommended.

Check out these 4 easy steps in keeping your fountain clean.

Drain the existing old water

Turning off the fountains is always important before you begin cleaning. The easiest way to accomplish this task is with a vacuum, which will remove as much water from your walls and allow for easier disposal of excess fluids in order not to damage home surfaces or furnishings that may be near where they're leaking out. 

Clean the water pump

When you clean your fountain, ensure the pump is also cleaned. This will help prevent problems like algae growth and clogging, which can lead to other issues with properly functioning! To disassemble temporarily for cleaning purposes, remove any screws holding together different parts of its enclosure before soaking in fresh running water using either a brush or pad.

Clean the tubing

You should clean your fountain's tubing regularly to avoid clogging or buildup. Remove the parts of it you need to be cleaned, rinse them off with water if necessary, and then dry thoroughly before replacing everything into its respective place.

Leave your fountain to dry

Ensure that your fountain is dry before refilling water. You can use a soft cloth to wipe the surface. Make sure to do it with caution to avoid damage to the panel.


Choosing an indoor wall mounted water feature is not an easy decision to make. It might overwhelm you, and you may choose the wrong one. If you need help choosing the best fountain for your home or office, contact us!

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