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Winter Care and Maintenance Guide for Gas-burning Fire Features

January 12, 2024 3 min read

Winter Care and Maintenance Guide for Gas-burning Fire Features

Outdoor Fire features, mainly Fire Pits and Fire Tables are one of the best additions that enhance the look your backyard or patio. These outdoor fire features truly transform your backdoor space into a perfect place to hold gatherings and get-togethers on special occasion by being a centre-piece providing for heat, warmth and light on chilly winter nights.

However, with long winters, comes freezing temperatures and a lot of snow that can cause immense damage to your fire feature if left uncovered and unchecked.

Winter care and maintenance for gas-burning fire features is essential to ensure their proper functioning as well as safety. With proper measure taken, it enhances the longevity of use of the fire feature.  

Some easy and simple steps that will help you with your gas fireplace maintenance during the freezing winter months.

  • Sever the gas supply
  • Clean any debris accumulated in or around the fire feature, due to the fall season
  • Inspect the Ignition system
  • Ensure proper ventilation and drainage
  • Remove and store the removable¬†components indoors
  • Add a protective cover
Winter Care and Maintenance Guide for Gas-burning Fire Feature


Sever the gas supply

It is crucial to turn off the gas supply or fuel supply of the unit prior to conducting any activity such as cleaning or servicing of the fire feature. This can be easily done as mostly all gas burning fire features have a key valve installed for this purpose. You can also shutoff the valve located on the gas line.

In case of Electronic Ignition models, it is vitally important to turn off the power source before you start cleaning/servicing of the unit.  

Clean any debris accumulated in or around the fire feature due to the fall season

We recommend cleaning your Fire Pits or Fire Tables thoroughly before winterizing. There may be dirt and debris accumulated in or around the fire feature or the burner due to the fall season. Make sure to remove any debris, leaves, twigs or any flammable items that may have piled up near the burner, pan and fire pit. To clean the components, you can use a soft bristle brush in order to avoid scratches or any potential damages that can be caused while cleaning the fire feature.

Inspect the Ignition system

The ignition system is an important component of the any fire feature and hence, it is important to inspect the ignition system. Inspect the igniter for any damage or cracks. It is necessary to repair any damage found in the unit before winterizing the fire feature. Extreme temperatures may result in worsening of an existing cracks or damages. 

Ensure proper ventilation and drainage

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Proper ventilation and drainage for your fire feature is very essential. It is recommended to keep ventilation openings clear of debris. This will ensure proper air flow to the enclosure. Remember to also maintain and clean all the debris and empty the drains during winter, particularly in case for fire features such as fire fountains and fire & water bowls, as built-up ice and debris can lead to flooding.

Store Removable Components indoor

Ensure that all removable components, such as remote-control transmitters, wind guards, and decorative elements like fire glass and fire media, are removed and stored properly.

When not in use, it is advisable to store these components indoors during winter months to shield them from harsh outdoor conditions. Utilize a cover for added protection and to safeguard your investment.

Add a protective cover

Protect and extend the lifetime of your fire feature with proper maintenance. Covering the feature is a simple and crucial step that experts recommend, to ensure the longevity of any fire feature. 

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For optimal protection, always keep the cover on your fire feature, whether it be a canvas cover or hard metal cover. This is especially important during winter months to safeguard the unit from harsh weather elements such as snow and ice. Doing so will prevent corrosion and prolong the life of your fire feature.

To sum it all:

Effective winter maintenance is essential for optimal performance and longevity of gas-burning fire pits. 

All you have to do is prepare the fire feature for winter by disconnecting the gas supply and thoroughly cleaning the fire pit. Ensure optimal ventilation and drainage, as well as properly storing and separating the portable components. Finally, add a protective cover to complete the necessary precautions.

By adhering to a few basic guidelines, gas fireplace maintenance during winters becomes quite easy and you can sustain your Fire Pits and Fire Tables in its excellent condition, delivering warmth and enjoyment for years to come.

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