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Campania International

Campania International
Campania International Fountains
Campania International is a manufacturer and distributor of fountains, water features, garden furniture, outdoor statuary and fancy planters. They have a wide range of products with various options to select from like the materials and styles from classic to contemporary. It was founded in the year 1983, since then Campania has been a foremost designer, manufacturer and distributor throughout the United States and Canada.
Campania’s Cast Stone Collection is designed and manufactured at their factory in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. Their Pacifica Collection is manufactured wholly for Campania in Europe and Asia.
They create sensational cast stone water fountains for the indoor as well as the outdoor space. Starting from modern, clean, minimalist and sleek designs to classy ancient look, Campania water fountains has a variety of products to offer. Getting their products for your home or any business space will definitely enhance the overall ambience of the space. The craftsmanship of these fountains have been done by the skilled artisans by hand-applying the patina finishes. This gives every product its unique and original feel. Their Fountains are made of a remarkably strong, durable material known as Cast stone, it gives the look of a natural stone without burning holes in the pocket.
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