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Gist Concrete Products

Gist Concrete Products

Gist concrete products is a varied manufacturer of fountains, fire products, garden and outdoor statuary, fancy planters, outdoor furniture and metal work. The factory and offices are located in Phoenix, Arizona. They have an expertise in creating designer products with classy glamour. The technological proficiency of the factory as well as the artistry of the craftsmen is prompt.

Gist Concrete Products

Every piece of Gist concrete products are crafted in-house using durable, long lasting composite materials such as industrial-grade glass fiber-reinforced concrete, glass-reinforced gypsum, fiberglass plastic, metals, and other materials. These products have the ability to survive the harsh weather conditions.

Gist concrete products are inspired by the traditional Italian design, but they have further modified it to give a contemporary twist to the look of the products. As far as water fountains are concerned, the style is modern and peculiar with exquisite cuts, fits, and finishes. The sleek and refined water features are spectacular addition to your outdoor space.

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