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3 Most Important Tips To Winterize Outdoor Water Fountains

by N. Miller November 21, 2018 3 min read

3 Most Important Tips To Winterize Outdoor Water Fountains

Many states see below freezing temperatures during winter months. This exposes your outdoor fountain and statue display to prolonged periods of harsh weather. Fountains made of real stones like Marble or granite and even man-made cast stone concrete are very sturdy and made to withstand harsh weather elements. Yet they can suffer from the expansion of the water logged within their pores and corners. The pump can experience issues when left exposed during the winter months.

Outdoor water fountain


    Prepare your outdoor fountains for freezing temperatures

    But don’t worry, you can take some simple steps to protect your fountain and pump during Winter. Take the below steps to Winterize your fountain before ice temperature sets in, keeping it safe all winter long. This adds years to your fountain and you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

    3 most important tips to winterizing outdoor fountains

    1. Drain the fountain – One of the most important steps you can take is to drain the water from the fountain and it pool. Remember water expands when it turns into ice. Water logged in its pores and corners expand and can cause pressure and cracks on the fountain.

    Tip: Submerse the pump in a bucket of water and store away in a ware dry place where the water will not freeze. This helps to keep the seals wet and prevent the impeller from sticking. 

    1. Remove the Pump – Pump is the heart of the fountain and is crucial to be protected. Unplug the pump from its power source. Pay attention to any pipes, tubing and any other pieces where water is involved. Remove any water from the pipes and tubing as well. While dismantling the pump and tubings, it’s a great opportunity to deep clean you pump before storing it away.  
    1. Avoid water getting in, Cover or Put away the fountain – Once you have drained any existing water on your fountain and have cleaned and dried your fountain, take steps to avoid additional water getting into the Fountain. Below are some ways you can achieve this. 
      1. Dismantle and put away– One of the easiest tip is to dismantle the fountain pieces and store it in a warm and dry place like a garage or shed. If the fountain or water feature is small, the whole feature can be stored away. Some large fountains, especially tiered ones, can be dismantled and stored in pieces as well.
      2. Cover the fountain – Fountains that are permanent features or too large to be brought in, can be covered. Covering a fountain goes a long way as it stops additional water getting in and freezing in the winter.
    • Waterproof Covers – A waterproof cover gives the best protection for your fountain as it keeps moisture away. Outdoor fountain covers are UV stabilized, come in many sizes and have drawstring to Velcro to fasten the bottom providing ultimate protection. You can order custom size for you fountain to best fit its size. 
    • Alternate covering – If you don’t have a waterproof fountain cover you can consider some alternate covering to protect your fountain during the winter. Consider using a tarp to cover the fountain from the top. Alternately you can consider using other absorbent materials to avoid the water from entering the fountain.

    Fountain and Statue cover


    Winterize your Outdoor fountain by following these 3 easy steps before the first frost sets in. Caring for your fountain and protecting them against harsh winter temperatures adds years of life to them. You can enjoy your outdoor water feature and fountain for a lifetime!

    1. Drain the water in the fountain and pool basin
    2. Remove the pump and tubing from its electrical and water source. Store away in warm & dry place
    3. Avoid water seeping into the fountain. Covering the fountain is one of the best ways to ensure its protection. You can also dismantle and store away smaller fountains for the winter.
    Please refer to our User Guide to Winterize Outdoor Water Features for detailed instruction on Winterizing various Outdoor Water Features like - Ceramic Vase fountains, Basalt and Real stone fountains, Cast Stone and GFRC fountains. 

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