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How to clean and maintain your Indoor water feature

November 08, 2016 4 min read

How to clean and maintain your Indoor water feature

Knowing how to maintain your new water feature will ensure years of enjoyment and protect your investment. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor water fountain, regular care and maintenance are essential. Here are some tips on how to keep your fountain looking great and operating well.  

How to clean indoor water fountain

Once your indoor fountain is set up, regular maintenance is essential to keeping it looking pristine and working properly. Give your water feature a light cleaning once or twice a week and a heavy cleaning once a month. This should include cleaning the pump. Here are seven easy steps to maintaining your indoor fountain:

Indoor Wall Fountain


Cleaning Equipment Checklist for Indoor Water Features

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Distilled water
  • Shop-vac
  • Soft sponge
  • Mild liquid soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Soft rag or cloth
  • Calcium lime removal product (optional)
  • Distilled white vinegar (optional)

Steps to clean your Indoor Water fountain:

  1. Turn off your water fountain and unplug it from its power source.This will eliminate the risk of electrical shock as you clean the fountain.
  2. Remove any decorative items from your water fountain. Stones, pebbles and other items need to be removed and cleaned to ensure there is no algae growth.
  3. Remove the pump from your water fountain. Your pump should be cleaned every three months to ensure it stays free of debris and obstructions. Consult your fountain manual or the manufacturer directly for directions on the proper way to remove the pump. Let it soak in equal parts water and vinegar. Rinse and reattach as instructed in the owner’s manual.
  4. Empty the water out of your fountain. Depending on the size of your fountain, you can empty the fountain over a sink or use a shop vac or a small pump to remove the water.
  5. Clean the fountain and its components. Use a non-abrasive sponge or a soft, clean cloth to avoid scratching or damaging the fountain’s interior and working parts. Clean the fountain, pump and stones using warm water and mild liquid soap or use a commercial calcium lime removal product.

As a natural alternative, you can spray distilled white vinegar on the fountain’s interior parts and tough corners or spots that are hard to reach with a sponge. Be sure to dry and remove any excess cleaning mixture from the fountain interior and parts

  1. Replace the fountain pump and stones: Refill your fountain with fresh, clean water. Pour bottled distilled water into your fountain or use tap water from a sink. Depending on the size of your fountain, you can refill it from inside a sink or use a bucket to transport water from the sink to the fountain.
  2. Plug in your indoor fountain and turn on the power. Watch the fountain for a few minutes to make sure the pump is properly reinstalled and that the fountain works properly.

Indoor Floor Fountain

Basic steps to Indoor Water Feature Maintenance

  • Proper Fountain Set Up: Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly. If you have a wall mounted water feature, make sure it’s level and hung where its weight can be properly supported. Set your fountain close to an electrical outlet. Wiring the outlet to a light switch makes it easy to turn your water feature on and off.
  • Use Distilled Water: Use distilled water whenever possible. If this is not available, try to use filtered water. Tap water contains minerals that can create corrosive spotting, requiring more frequent cleaning. Tap water minerals also can cause your pump to overwork.
  • Maintain the Right Water Level:To prolong the life of your fountain, check the water level on a regular basis and keep your fountain filled to the specified level. The correct water level will depend on your fountain size and type, as well as the evaporation rate. Too much or too little water can result in splashing, spilling or excessive fountain noise, as well as wear and tear on your pump.
  • Set up a Regular Cleaning Schedule: Give your water feature a light cleaning once or twice a week and a heavy cleaning once a month. Keeping to a consistent cleaning schedule will prevent algae build-up, stains from water minerals and clogged pipes.
  • Follow Best Cleaning Practices: Use a mild liquid soap and a damp cloth or sponge to clean the inside and outside of the fountain and its inner components, such as the pump. The basin and any rocks installed in the fountain also should be cleaned to prevent algae growth. Fountains made of copper, brass and glass will have specific cleaning instructions.
  • Maintain Your Pump:The key to keeping your water feature in good working condition is maintaining your pump. Thorough cleaning of your pump on a regular basis is essential to keeping it working properly.



It is easy to clean your indoor water feature by following a few easy steps. All you have to do is turn off the water fountain, drain the water, remove the pump and decorative items such as pebbles. Clean everything gently using a mild cleaning solution or warm water. Clean the fountain surface with a clean damp cloth while voiding the use of abrasive cleaning materials. Place the components at their original place one you are done cleaning and refill adequate water required for proper functioning of the water feature. Voila! Your water feature will look as good as new.

The key to a long-last water feature is proper maintainence that can be acheived by following these steps:

  • Use distilled water
  • Maintain the right water level
  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule
  • Follow best cleaning practices
  • Maintain your pump


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