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A Guide To Pool Elements: Additions And FAQs

October 26, 2022 4 min read

A Guide To Pool Elements: Additions And FAQs

Having a pool in your yard probably conjures up images of lazing in the sun, swimming laps, or staring at the vibrant blue water. But did you know that adding certain pool elements may raise your pool's excitement and amusement level? Though it's already very sweet to have a sparkling body of water in your backyard, swimming pool elements may take the experience to the next level.

Choosing the best additions to your pool might be difficult from the wide variety of options, such as fire bowls, scuppers, spouts, and many more. But before we explore the many possibilities, let's go through some of the most frequently asked questions pool owners have. 

Can I Add Pool Elements To My Existing Pool?

Yes, but there are some restrictions. For example, if you want to install a retaining wall water fall in your pool, you need to consult a pool specialist who can assess your pool's mechanical build and drainage, filtration, and pump system. In addition, the pool expert must determine the minimum depth of water required for the water fall.

It's ideal to plan for your swimming pool element additions before construction begins. Still, you can always work with a pool professional after the fact to add the thrilling features you always wanted.

Pool Elements

You may have a lot of fun and be creative when deciding what pool elements to put into a new or pre-existing pool. Water features are a great way to turn your pool into a centerpiece of your yard and create an opulent sanctuary worthy of comparison to any five-star resort.

Here's some of the many pool water enhancements you may install:





Scuppers are a wonderful design decision to consider if you want your swimming pool to be from another era. Imagine these as being similar to sconces but for the pool. 

These pool features are available in various configurations, including forms, sizes, and finishes. They may be hung along a wall, or you can utilize a huge scupper with cascading water as the primary center of interest.

The variety of scupper styles and materials is virtually limitless. Metal, which may be found in bronze, copper, and stainless steel, dominates the market. When set in stone or concrete, the metal adds a touch of luster.

When it comes to aesthetics, scuppers are a great complement to any pool style, from ultra-contemporary to conventional to tropical.

Fire Bowls

The addition of one of our fire bowls to your pool or garden will instantly elevate the atmosphere. They may be purchased as-is or customized to match the stone and tile of your pool, and they come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Our fire bowls are the perfect addition to any pool party or evening spent with friends and family.

Fire and water bowls

The combination of fire and water in the swimming pool creates a mesmerizing effect. On top of what seems to be a body of water, flames are seen dancing. Fire and water bowls can be set at the edge of pools for a dramatic impact or on top of pillars for an exquisite ambiance. 

Both options are available for use. In addition, a diverse selection of designs is available, including pool water bowls with lights, water bowls made of concrete for pools, and many more.

Fire and water bowls


Water bowls

Water bowls are one of the trends in pool design that has emerged over the course of the previous decade. These containers can either be round or square, and they are available in a variety of hues of concrete as well as metal finishes that range from stainless steel to hammered copper. As a result, you may enhance the appearance of a contemporary or organic pool by selecting the desired form and finish. 

Water bowls

Water Spouts

There is a wide variety of metal finishes and forms available for spouts. There is a choice between traditional and contemporary styles. They make the water seem spectacular and appealing manner by channeling it into narrow jet streams of extremely high pressure.

Water Spouts



A pool statuary is a fixed water feature that takes the form of a sculpture and incorporates water into the design of the feature. These statues often take the form of an animal, such as lion, fish, or even a person, but they may also take the shape of other things. 

Modern statues frequently take the form of abstract figures and are cast in metals such as steel or copper. To add some flare to your pool, you may have a sculpture with water that bubbles up or shoots water out in a stream.


The pool's overall look is frequently the defining characteristic of a well-designed pool. The design comes to life and borders on artistic status when a vertical feature of running water is added. 

Several options all contribute to an almost endless range of possible effects when designing with water features. To put it another way, modern pool designers construct one-of-a-kind elements that move water in incredible ways.

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