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How To Light A Gas Fire Pit?

October 27, 2022 3 min read

How To Light A Gas Fire Pit?

Setting up a warm spot where you can roast s'mores or entertain visitors is a terrific way to heed nature's call. Gas fire pits are popular for outdoor entertaining because they are simple to operate and maintain. Here are some pointers on how to light a gas fire pit and keep the place safe to help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Fire Pit Ignition Systems


You may choose from match light, spark, or electronic igniting kits for gas fire pits. Here's a brief rundown of the various gas kits on the market in case you're considering installing a gas fire pit in your backyard.

  • Match Lit Ignition: All TOP Fire Pit tables are available with the Match Lit Ignition Option which allows you to ignite the Fire Pit by turning the Gas Key Valve and lighting the burner with a matchstick or a lighter.


Ignition options


  • Match Lit with Flame sense: The Match Lit with Flame sense system comes with a thermocouple flame sensor to ensure the feature is lit properly and stops gas flow if the flame is ever blown out.
  • Match Lit with Flame Sense & Spark Ignition: The Match Lit with Flame Sense & Spark Ignition system includes a push button spark Ignitor along with the thermocouple flame sensor. This system requires 1 AA Battery to operate.


flame sense


  • Electronic Ignition - E12V: The E12V compact system can be controlled by a pool controller, remote control, or home automated systems to provide effortless control of the fire feature. This LC Certified unit is compatible with 12VAC only (12V to 110V transformers are available) and features a glow plug igniter designed to withstand the elements.
  • Electronic Ignition - 110V Plug & Play: The 110V Smart Weather Electronic Ignition System (SWEIS) Kits comes with an Electronic Valve with a 3-Prong Plug and a Pilot Igniter. TOP pilots use an hot surface igniter (HSI) for pilot ignition and a thermocouple flame sensor to ensure the feature is lit properly and stops gas flow if the flame is ever blown out.


low voltage electronic ignition



Gas Fire Pit Safety Tips

  • Tip 1: While fire pits are designed to be used outside, it only takes one powerful gust of wind blowing in the wrong direction to make enclosed flames unsafe. Never leave your lit fire pit unattended. 
  • Tip 2: Most fire pits are not intended to be used as grills. Do not cook in a fire pit unless it was expressly built for that purpose.
  • Tip 3: Before lighting the fire pit, always examine it since stray leaves and other materials might easily fall inside the enclosure.
  • Tip 4: Never allow your kids to play near a fire pit. Having gas and flames close in the event of an accident is the last thing you want.
  • Tip 5: A fire extinguisher should always be kept close by for added safety. Make sure that you are familiar with how to utilize it in the event of an emergency.


Which Fire Pit Ignition Is The Best?

When deciding on the sort of system that will work best for your project, it is important to keep the factors that were discussed above in mind. There is a greater initial investment required, but electrical kit components could be necessary for your installation.



Now that you have an idea of how to light a gas fire pit, you can shop with confidence for the ideal pit for your yard. Our gas fire pits are modern and practical, with the propane tank hidden to save space and match your outdoor theme.

We offer the perfect fire pit to fit your outdoor living area, whether you're searching for a little pit for two or a large one to host a large gathering of friends and family. Discover the perfect gas fire pit from our wide selection.


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