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Contemporary Outdoor Fountains for Modern Homes

October 06, 2023 4 min read

Contemporary Outdoor Fountains For Modern Homes - Majestic Fountains and More

Water Fountains Bring life and Energy to any space they are in. While one can never go wrong with traditional Courtyard fountains, today’s modern architecture calls for the contemporary Style fountains that will match your modern outdoors.

Contemporary Outdoor Fountains elevates the aesthetics of your modern home architecture. It will not only provide the pleasure of scenic beauty and sound but also augment the modernism of your space with their contemporary characteristics.

Contemporary Outdoor fountains are designed to suit modern décor. Available in various sizes, styles & geometric shapes with advance designing & built!

Here are some of the contemporary outdoor water fountains to be considered for modern homes.

Vortex Outdoor Fountain with Ball by Gist

Vortex Fountain with Ball - Outdoor Fountain by Gist G-VRTX-BALL-35-35


The Vortex Fountain by Gist looks amazing with its sleek, 360 degrees twisted body around, with a sphere on the top. Water streams out from the top of a sphere, over the twisted body into the basin Bring the beauty of this unique sphere fountain into your yard or garden. The geometric design of the Gist Décor fountain gives it a modern, minimalist appearance making for the best Cotemporary Outdoor Fountain.

The Vortex Outdoor Fountain is also available without sphere. 


Giannini Garden Tiered Concrete Outdoor Garden Fountain with Ball 



The Giannini Tiered Concrete Outdoor Garden Fountain with Ball is an elegant garden fountain. It is the one of the best contemporary Outdoor fountains suitable for modern outdoors. It looks really amazing along with proving a melodious sound. Its tiers resemble tapered square vases topped with a sphere.

The Tiered Concrete Outdoor Garden Fountain with Ball is available with two tiered or three-tiered option to choose from.


Twelve Side Fountain - Outdoor Fountain by Gist

The Twelve Side Fountain gets its name from its modular design. The unique shape and design make this fountain a perfect water feature for your contemporary outdoors. The water spill starts at the top of the fountain sand spills over the entire body. Made of glass-fibre reinforced concrete, the Twelve side fountain is strong and durable provided with the right care.


Triad Fountain in Cast Stone by Campania International 


The avant-garde Triad Fountain is a stunning piece that adds a modern twist to outdoor settings with its cube-like basin and pedestal. This Statement Fountain becomes the instant focal point in your garden and is sure to fetch complements for its modern design. Its modern look and captivating display of flowing water is sure to make it the center of attention

Finding a Contemporary Outdoor fountains for your modern home is a task which gets simpler with Majestic Fountains & More offering you numerous choices.


Giannini Garden Scottsdale Concrete Outdoor Fountain 

Scottsdale Concrete Outdoor Fountain - 1749

The Scottsdale Concrete Fountain is simplistically designed fountain that features water streaming from the artisan forged copper spillways. This beautiful contemporary fountain feature three bowls or basins constructed of high-quality concrete. 

It's a modern look of this outdoor fountain will enhance your outdoor space. Choose from the several Patina colors to truly customize the look of this fountain for an extra attractive and unique finishes that have been developed to hold up to the sun and water.


Rubix With Riser Outdoor Fountain by Gist

Rubix Fountain With Riser Fountain 

Rubix With Riser Outdoor Fountain, without a doubt, reflects the influence of contemporary artistic influence. Perfect for any contemporary outdoor setting, The Rubix fountain is an elegant spherical fountain with basin atop of a block. The textured sphere sits in the round basin atop a sqaure block looks beautiful. Constructed of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, this modern outdoor fountain is available in amazing finishes to match up to the aesthetics of your modern home.


Giannini Garden Newport Concrete Outdoor Garden Fountain - Tall or Short 

Newport Concrete Outdoor Garden Fountain



Rustic details with a modern twist.! The Giannini Garden Newport Concrete Outdoor Garden Fountain is a stylish outdoor fountain with contemporary style, perfect for modern homes.

The Newport is constructed of strong GFRC material. It is customizable with the amazing Giannini GFRC finishes. The fountain comes in a Tall 46” high as well as short 36” high variant. To learn more, Visit Majestic Fountains & More


I Fountain With Ball - Outdoor Fountain - 6 FT Tall by Gist

I Fountain With Ball - Outdoor Fountain - 6 FT Tall by Gist G-FWB-FTN-34

I Fountain With Ball contemporary outdoor fountain becomes the focal point as the slender "I" design grabs anyone's attention. The water flows quietly down the slender fountain at a slow rate to the square basin. Made of glass fiber reinforced concrete, this fountain resembles natural stone yet is lighter in weight and incredibly durable.

Majestic Fountains & More bring you such modern and elegant fountains and much more to cater your needs at affordable prices.


I Fire Fountain in GFRC Concrete

I Fire Fountain In GFRC Concrete - Electronic Ignition


One of the best sellers, The I fire and water fountain is a desirable fire and water feature that looks magnificent. This contemporary outdoor fountain is combination of the burning flame atop the water cascading through the sleek body of the fountain is breath-taking. The Electronic Ignition allows you to control the fire flame with the touch of a button. The I Fire Fountain is customizable with brilliant colors. 



Bringing a fountain is the most efficient way to turn your outdoor space into a serene oasis. However it is crucial to get one that complements the modern asethetics of your contemporary home.

Majestic Fountains & More brings a vast range of Contemporary Outdoor Fountains that are available in amazing styles, shapes and sizes. The extensive range of Options to choose from makes your search for the perfect contemporary fountain so much easier. 

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