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How to choose the correct size fountain for your space

October 04, 2023 5 min read

How to choose the correct size fountain for your space - Majestic Fountains and More

Fountains bring Joy, Happiness and serenity to our environment. Now, fountains are available in a lot of sizes so its necessary to choose the right size depending upon your requirements. Large water fountains and Small water fountains for indoor and outdoor use are designed differently to thrive in their respective environments.

Large sized fountains and small fountains are rarely interchangeable because most are designed differently and have different components. However, a few fountains may be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Both types of fountains can make a big difference in your home depending upon their placement according to your space.

With so many large and small water fountains to choose from, it's essential to choose one that's the correct size, shape, and color to either complement a theme and mood or stand out as a focal point. With the trickling water, both can create a pleasant sense of serenity. These could be excellent choices in the situation described above.

Benefits of the water fountain in your home

  • Increase the value of your home

When you have a lake or pond on your property, the water might grow stagnant without enough circulation or filtration. An outdoor water fountain is valuable to a pond or lake because it can regulate the flow cycle of the water in the pond or lake, preventing water stagnation. Adding an outdoor water fountain to your pond or lake can also add value to your home.

  • A better alternative to a birdbath

Birds are attracted to outdoor fountains. However a birdbath requires cleaning & maintenance on a regular basis. A fountain provides a steady supply of clean water without regular intervention. Unlike a traditional birdbath, the fountain's water velocity helps to keep bacteria and algae at bay. In addition, they will allow birds to drink, bathe, and preen. It's even more appealing than a birdbath because it features moving water rather than static water.

Here are some major characteristics that separate a large water fountain from a small water fountain.

Small water fountain

Small fountains can be used in various rooms and settings in the house or office. They can also be wonderful additions to a covered porch. Perfect to be set up in narrow, constrained places.

Small fountains are fantastic focal points in a room, and their gently flowing waters may also provide a tranquil and restful ambiance.

Electricity is used to power these fountains, which feature built-in lighting. The majority of small water fountains have cords to prevent tripping.

Small fountains are divided into free-standing, bubble walls and walls. There are a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and materials to pick from within each of these indoor fountain subcategories.

Free-standing small water fountains can have a classic aesthetic with a sequence of miniature waterfalls or a modern style with water pouring down the glass, stone, or metal panels.

Small fountains with bubble walls create excellent room dividers. These fountains are normally placed horizontally on top of a free-standing foundation. Bubble walls are made up of two clear glass panels or heavy-duty plastic with motorized bubbles that generate patterns between them. Most bubble walls have built-in LED illumination in a variety of colors.

Small wall fountains sare fantastic for tiny locations where a free-standing fountain or a bubble wall fountain would be too large. It includes a built-in water collection system. These small fountains are available in various sizes and can be basic, sleek, clean, modern-looking, or sumptuous, with custom-made reproduction paintings or metalwork. With wall fountains, you'll need a large, sturdy wall to support the fountain.

Small water fountains include built-in splash guards that minimize excessive splashing that can quickly damage your floor and trip-reducing electrical lines.

Some of the small fountains are listed below:

Small Wok Fountain With Pedestal Fountain - Outdoor Fountain Equinox Garden Terrace Fountain in Cast Stone  Escala Fountain in Cast Stone by Campania International Acqua Concrete Outdoor Garden Fountain


Large water fountains

Large water fountains, on the other hand, are designed to withstand the elements of the outdoors, including dampness, wind, heat, cold, and sunlight. Therefore, a specific protective finish is often applied to these sorts of fountains that aren't done to small fountains.

Unlike small fountains, which might be built of stone, glass, metal, or wood, large fountains are mostly composed of cast stone and GFRC material.

Large fountains also use electricity, but they include UL-grounding connectors and shrouds to protect the lights from the elements.

Because outdoor spaces are wider and lack the restrictions of inside environments, these fountains are typically larger

For Large Fountains, Grounding plugs are UL-approved and specially developed. In the event of wetness, these plugs safeguard the fountain from electric shock. There are also shroud devices that shield the lights from moisture.

Large fountains are available in several styles, sizes, and shapes, ranging from the white, classical fountain to the charcoal, modern cube-stacked fountain.

Large fountains, like small fountains, can act as a focal point for a space or give leisure.

Here are some of Large Fountains for you:

Double Oblique Fountain With Ball Fountain - Outdoor Fountain

Estate Longvue Fountain in Cast Stone 

Columnaris Concrete Outdoor Courtyard Fountain

Montefalco Concrete 3 Tier Outdoor Courtyard Fountain with Basin


Factors to be considered when choosing a fountain.

Small and large fountains cannot be replaced with one another as they have their distinctive features. Hence below are the factors that you shoud consider while choosing a fountain.

Space: Space is a mojor factor to consider while choosing a fountain. Small fountains take up less space. Large Fountains need more space as they may not look good in congested spaces.

Location: Small fountains can be placed indoors or on your patio & backyard. If you are looking for fountain to be placed indoors, we recoomend you go for small wall fountain or a table top fountain. Large fountains need their own space to shine and stand out. They would look great in your courtyard, spacious gardens and landscape projects.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Small fountains are lightweight and are hassle free to clean and maintain. It is easy to take care of small sized fountains. Whereas large fountains are heavy and require proper maintenance and care. 

Installation: Small fountains are comparatively easy to assemble and install whereas large fountains may require professional help for installation.

Portability: Small fountains such as bird bath fountains, tabletop fountains are easy to move and relocate as compared to Large fountains. For example, It will be easy to move a birdbath fountain during winters but a you cannot move a large fountains.


Small & Large fountains possess distinctive features and are meant for different uses. They have different aspects in relation to style, shape, installation, and hence are not interchangeable. We recommend you get the one that suits your requirements and budget.

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