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Are Water Features Noisy?

July 04, 2021 4 min read

Are Water Features Noisy?

You want your backyard to be a sanctuary, a place you enjoy escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life.  But what if your loud neighbors or the busy street nearby make it hard to relax? Using a loud water fountain can be a great way to ease the intrusive noise.

No matter the size of the fountain, the peaceful sound of bubbling water promotes relaxation, in addition to a number of psychological benefits.

psychological benefits of being around water

People generally ask one question before buying a fountain: How loud will it be?

Sound of a fountain is determined by various factors. But before buying a fountain you have to be clear about what you'd like the fountain to accomplish. Some fountains can be very loud because of the pump sound and also because of the cascading water.

Make sure the fountain is placed at a perfect distance where you can enjoy the soothing sound of the cascading water, but far enough so as it doesn’t subdue your conversations.

There are few factors that impact the sound of the fountain, which we will look into next. 

  1. Distance of water fall:

The sound of cascading water also depends on the water levels and distance between the tiers. In case the distance is more, the water falling on the surface will fall further, creating a greater sound and vice versa. A tiered fountain will create a greater sound as there are multiple levels from where the water cascades, also the water in the pond impacts on the sound. Wall water features are generally quiet as the water glides on the surface creating friction. 

  1. Acoustic and Environmental Choices

The sound of the fountain also depends on its surrounding, it varies for indoor fountains and outdoor fountains. In the case of indoor fountains, the size of the room, ceiling height, nearby walls, etc. will affect the sound of the fountain. Whereas, in case of an outdoor fountain, the open space, outside traffic, other noises can suppress the sound of the fountain. 

  1. Material Choices

Materials play an important role to impact the sound of the fountain. Metal fountains create a louder and sharp noise and carry it to a longer distance. Stone fountains have a controlled sound so they are preferable at the quiet place. You can select the material as the preference of the sound. Using metal fountains in outer space is advisable as there are many other noises outdoors which suppress the sound of fountains, but if you want controlled sound of fountains you can go for stone fountains.

  1. Size & shape 

Like the material of the fountains, its shape and size also affects the sound of the fountain. The surface where the water falls is hollow or flat can make a difference in the sound of the fountain. Wider the fountain, further the water will travel making a louder sound. Also, tiered fountains will produce a wider range of sounds as the water will cascade from multiple points.

  1. The Water speed:

 Most of the fountains come with the pump with variable speed. If you increase the speed of the pump, it will increase the sound of the cascading water. Some people may not like a noisy water fountain, in that case you can go for a pump with lower speed.

  1. Sound Reflection:

The placement of the fountain affects the overall sound of the fountain. The actual area in which the fountain can be heard will be affected by the nearby walls. Sound reflects on surfaces, hence if you keep the fountain in a corner or near a wall, the sound will reflect. Whereas, if you place the fountain in the center of the yard, the sound will vanish into the surrounding. 

Other points to consider apart from the sound of the fountain:

  • Apart from the sound of a fountain, there are a few things which are necessary to be considered. The amount of sound a fountain makes also relates to the splash of the fountain. If you want a¬†loud water fountain, look for one that creates more water splash¬†be more and vice versa.¬†
  • Before buying a¬†loud water fountain, it is important to consider the type of space and its purpose. If you will be conversing in that space (like offices or reception area), loud fountains will suppress your voice and disturb your conversation.
  • Also some minor changes like the fountain pumps type, or changing the placement of the fountain can affect the sound.¬†

Every person has their personal choice regarding the fountain and the sound it makes. But apart from the choice also make sure to check the need of the space and the people using that space.

The detailed points mentioned above are enough to help you to get the idea of what to consider before you get a fountain for your space. So wait no more and get your fountain from us, we have a huge range of fountains that will suffice all your needs.

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