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How To Assemble a Wind Guard?

November 30, 2023 4 min read

How To Assemble a Wind Guard?

Adorning your patio or backyard with a fire feature is one big investment. In order to maintain the beauty of your fire feature while ensuring smooth functioning of your fire pits and fire tables, you need to get some accessories. These accessories not only enhance the beauty of your fire feature but also act as protective gear for them. One of the popular accessories or add on that you need is a wind guard

What is a wind guard?

Wind Guards - Majestic Fountains and More

A wind guard, also known as a Flame guard, is a glass shield that goes around the Burning area of your fire feature. The wind guard comes as a ready-to-assemble kit that includes glass panels, connectors and fittings that needs to be assembled in a particular manner in order to create the glass structure that sits upon the fire feature.

Why do you need a wind guard?

A wind guard or a flame are specifically designed to guard shields the burning area of the fire feature from gusts of wind.

It protects your fire feature while structure of the wind guard allows a sufficient amount of air to enter the burning area. This leads to a reaction in the fire which is caused by the wind circulates inside the guard which ultimately result in stronger and higher flames.

So, the flame guard not only safe guards your flames, but also magnify the intensity of the flames while using the same amount of fuel.

What shape is a wind guard available in?

Square Glass Wind Guard Rectangular Glass Wind Guard Round Glass Wind Guard


A wind glass or flame guard is available mainly in three shapes

Square wind guard: A square wind guard is perfect for fire features with a square burning area.

Rectangle wind guard and Linear wind guard: Best suited for rectangle shaped fire feature that have a rectangular fire pan or burning area.

Round wind guard: The round wind guard has curved glass panels which are best suited for round fire pits or fire tables having a round fire pan/ burning area.

How to assemble a wind guard?

Assembling a wind guard is a simple an easy process.

Things You Need to Assemble a Wind Guard

  • A soft cloth or a towel
  • A screw-driver


Put all the parts of your unassembled wind guard on the Cloth

Lay down the soft cloth or towel on a table or a flat surface. Put all the glass panel on the cloth and inspect for any damages.

Make sure you have received all the components and fittings.

Check if you have received all the components of the flame guard. The flame guard components generally consist of 4 glass panels, 4 Top corner brackets and 4 bottom corner brackets. The corner brackets are also known as connecting hardware or connectors. 

For a wind guard with a split panel design for larger size, you will have 6 glass panels 4 Top corner brackets, 4 bottom corner brackets, accompanied by 4 linear connecting brackets and 4 centre supports with rubber feet.

Identify all the components and fittings

Identify the Top and Bottom brackets and separate them. This will make it easy for you to use them. It is easy to identify the bottom brackets as they have a rubber foot.

Square-Rectangular Wind Guard - Glass Panels and Fittings - Majestic Fountains and More

Rectangular Wind Guard - Glass Panels and Fittings - Majestic Fountains and More


Let’s Learn how to assemble a Square/Rectangular 4-panel wind guard

Start with the glass panels placing them upside down and adjust them using the fittings to create the structure

  • Step 1. Take a glass panel and attach the Top and bottom connector to it. Now, carefully tighten the connector with the screw driver securing the glass panel. Do not over tighten the connector completely as you will need to adjust that later.
  • Step 2. Once you have both the top and the bottom connectors on the first glass panel, place the glass upside down i.e., with the bottom connector facing up. Now, place another glass panel in the other side of the angled connector and secure it by tightening the screw.
  • Step 3. Repeat this process for all remaining glass panels placing the adjacent to one another with the help of the connectors.
  • Step 4: Once your structure is ready. Tighten all the screws completely. Your wind guard is ready to use.
Square-Rectangular Wind Guard - Glass Panels and Fittings - Majestic Fountains and More.

Let’s Learn how to assemble a 6-panel/Split-panel wind guard

For a split panel wind guard, you will need to follow an extra step in addition to regular steps for assembling the wind guard i.e., to adjoin two glass panel on each side Lengthwise using the Linear connectors.

Place the two long glass panels side by side and secure them by using linear connector on top and bottom of the glass. Add the centre support in the middle of each of the glass panels that you joined in a linear format. Centre support is supposed to be atteched at the bottom of the glass.

Repeat this using other two long glass panels.

Now you have four pieces i.e., 2 short glass panels and 2 split-design linear glass panels.

Follow the steps required to assemble the 4-panel with guard using these and your wind guard is ready.

Split panel Rectangular Wind Guard - Glass Panels and Fittings - Majestic Fountains and More


A flame guard or commonly known as wind guard is easy to assemble once you know all the parts and fittings. Make sure that you use the correct size Flame Guard for your fire appliance and ensure functioning and an intensified flame appearance even on a windy day. Checkout all the shapes and sizes of wind guards available at Majestic Fountains and More.

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