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Things to consider while buying fire features

November 25, 2023 6 min read

Things to consider while buying fire features

Selecting the right fire feature for your space is like choosing the best bow tie to compliment a tuxedo. It is the perfect finishing touch that completes the look of your backyard. fire pits are a great focal point to gather around with family and friends for cozy nights by the fire. They are safe and easy to use. Here are just a few things to take into account as you shop for your fire feature.


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Things to consider while buying fire features


Fire pits or Fire Tables come in a multitude of sizes. hence it is one of the essential things to consider while buying fire features. Consider the space you'd like to place your fire feature in as this is an important factor affecting your choice of fire feature.

A large Fire Pit Table is the perfect choice when you are looking for a centrepiece for your backyard or patio, that can be used as a table and set up with a sitting area around it for you to relax and enjoy.

A small fire pit is the ideal choice when are looking for a low-profile fire feature to be set up on your garden or yard while a fire bowl is best suited as a pool addition.


The weight of the fire feature goes hand in hand with the size. Transporting or moving your fire pit may pose as a difficult task and hence, you may want one that weighs less. However, if your fire pit will remain in your backyard, you might instead choose one that is slighter on the heavy side so it is less vulnerable to damage due to sudden impact.  


Fire Pit Tables, Fire Pits and Fire Bowls are constructed of materials such as Glass Fiber Reinforce Concrete (GFRC), Stainless Steel, Corten Steel, Hammered Copper, Powder Coated Metal. Each type of fire feature has a distinctive appearance and style which makes the material to be one of the most important things to consider while buying fire features.


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GFRC: GRFC fire tables and fire bowls are the most popular fire features. Constructed of strong and durable Glass Fiber Reinforced concrete, the fire features are available in a lot of finishes and shapes.

Stainless Steel: Steel is a commonly used material for fire pits because of its ability to be molded into unique shapes and stained or painted with a variety of colors. Stainless Steel Fire Pits is also lightweight, making the fire pit easier to pick up and move.

Corten Steel: Corten steel is an all-weather friendly metal which makes it the perfect material to construct outdoor fire pit tables. The maintenance-free, iron oxide finish of corten steel enables the fire pit to naturally patina with time giving your fire feature a unique look.

Powder Coated Metals: Powder coated metal fire features are the best choice best when you want the durability of a metal fire pit but want to ditch the finish of the metal. Powder Coated fire features are mainly constructed of metals such as aluminium or stainless steel and then dry coated with colors. You can choose from a variety of colors available. 

Copper: Copper is a beautiful versatile material that can easily be molded into a variety of designs for a distinctive air. Hammered Copper Fire Pit Tables are highly durable and will not rust so you can use your fire pit season after season. Over time most copper fire pits develop a distinctive green patina. To keep it in its original copper appearance, you'll need to keep it clean and maintained.

Tile and Stone: Tile and stone fire pits are a stylish option that is commonly used for more permanent fire pits like fire tables. Tile and stone give a fire pit a beautifully crafted, artistic appearance. However, while stone isn't susceptible to rust, the stones may crack if exposed to extreme temperature changes.


Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Fire Pits - Majestic Fountains and More

Traditionally, outdoor fire pits featured a bowl-shaped design and they typically used firewood as the power source. The fire is safely contained within the bowl and the open design allows you to feel the warmth of the flames and easily access the fire for fun activities like roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. Many fire pits with this style also include spark screens to keep any stray sparks or embers safely contained within the fire pit. This type of fire pit provides a great focal point for your backyard and is perfect for outdoor social gatherings.

Fire Bowls

Fire Bowls - Majestic Fountains and More

Fire bowls have a similar design to traditional fire pits, except they are much smaller. Available in various sizes, shapes and Ignition options, fire bowls are easy to incorporate in any landscape and outdoor settings. Like traditional fire pits, fire bowls are great for social gatherings and feature an elegant open design that makes it easy to enjoy the warmth of the flames.

Fire Tables

Fire Pit tables - Majestic Fountains and More.

Fire Tables are a contemporary type of fire pit that combine the look and feel of an outdoor patio table with a traditional fire pit. Fire tables are typically powered by gas for a clean burning fire with no mess and easily ignite at the touch of a button. Fire tables range in size and shape, some of them resemble an outdoor coffee table with a low height while fire pit columns have a narrower body with a taller height. Fire pit tables are available in a variety of styles from rustic to modern and provide a convenient surface where you can place a beverage or plate as you chat with your friends. 

Fuel Type

Wood Burning Fire Pits

Who doesn’t love the warmth and ambiance of a wood campfire? This is the most popular fuel source of fire pits. Wood burning fire pits can be used to create the perfect outdoor ambiance complete with the sound of crackling logs and smoky scent. Plus, wood burning fire pits can produce larger and hotter fires and are also safe to cook over. However, they do produce more smoke and can be more difficult to start and maintain

Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits offer the warmth and comfort of a fire without any of the maintenance or mess that comes with wood burning fires. These modern fire pits are powered by propane or natural gas.

  • Natural Gas has to be¬†supplied through a pipeline to your fire feature. It can be easily purchase from a natural gas supplier in your area. Natural gas¬†fuelled fire features¬†can go high with the BTUs,¬†resulting greater, faster heat output.¬†
  • Liquid Propane is another fuel option for your fire feature. Propane is stored in a tank that may be placed near your fire feature. some of the fire pit tables have an access door on the table itself for LP tanks storage.


The location where you plan to position your fire feature is an important consideration that cannot be overlooked. A fire table will be a great addition as a centre-piece to a backyard or a patio. A fire bowl will look great alongside a pool area on a pedestal or stand as compared to fire tables. A Fire Pit Table may be more suitable for indoor use as compare to a fire pit. Hence the location where the fire feature will be place affects the type of fire feature you need to enhance the aesthetics of your space.


Fire features is an umbrella term that covers a multitude of fire products that are available in a lot of styles and diverse price range. For example, a fire bowl will be lot less expensive than a fire pit or a fire table. Also, A fire feature with match-lit ignition option will be cheaper than the automated electronic Ignition option on the same fire feature. You budget plays a pivotal role for selecting the perfect fire feature. Get amazing offers on Majestic Fountains and More and make sure you don't overspend.

Our Thoughts:

It is important to consider all the aspects while investing in a fire feature that will adorn your property for years to come. The location, style, size, shape, fuel type and material, are all equally important things to consider while buying fire features. Choose from multiple shapes, sizes materials and Ignition options available on Majestic Fountains and More and get the perfect fire feature for your place.


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