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Key Valve installation for fire Bowls and Fire Tables

November 03, 2023 3 min read

Key Valve installation for fire Bowls and Fire Tables

Installing a fire feature i.e., a Fire Bowl, a Fire Pit or a Fire Table is a technical process. There are various components involved such as Burner system, Fuel connection, Key valve and other accessories. These components or accessories need to be assembled and put together safely for the proper functioning of the fire feature. One such component relating to fire features is the Key Value. It is a crucial part of any fire feature, be it a fire bowl, fire table or fire & water bowl.

What is a Key Valve?

A Key valve is a small valve that is operated with a removable key. Key valve for Fire Pits or Fire Bowls are designed to turn the gas or fuel supply ON/OFF with the help of a removable key. The main function of a key valve installed on a fire feature is to ensure that you can turn off the fuel supply to your fire feature when it’s not is use.

Key Valve - Majestic Fountains and More

Where is Key Valve installed?

For Fire Bowls / Fire & Water bowls

Key Valve installed on Bowl - Majestic Fountains and More

Key Valve Option for Fire Bowls / Fire & Water bowls are available of two types:

gas key valve installation on the Bowl
While getting a fire Bowl/ Fire & Water bowl you can choose to have the gas key valve installed on the bowl itself. The manufacturer installs the valve on the bowl in compliance with regulations regarding the installation of the valve. The fire feature arrives ready to be used after providing connection for fuel and burner

On-site gas key valve installation:
Fire features, especially fire & water Bowls can be paired with pools, ponds and even used as water fountains to create an attractive waterfall display. Hence, they are most likely to be mounted on pedestals or pillars giving them a certain height to achieve the water-spill show. This may result in difficulty to reach the bowl for using the valve. In such instances, you can opt On-site installation, where you receive the key valve kit(uninstalled) with the bowl. This enables you to install the valve on the pillar/pedestal or wherever it is convenient for you to use. A lot of Pool contractors and architects prefer this option.

For Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Key Valve installed on fire table - Majestic Fountains and More

Unlike small fire bowls, fire tables do not need a pillar. Many of the fire tables come with an access door and in-built storage area. Hence, Key valve is installed on the fire pit or the fire table itself. All outdoor plus fire tables come with pre-installed key valve. 

How to install Key Valve On-site?

You can opt for the gas key valve installation to be done on site for fire bowls and fire & water bowls when you plan to install the key-valve on a pillar/pedestal on which the fire feature bowl is to be mounted.

Equipment that you need

  • A Drill Machine
  • Masonry Hole Saw
  • Valve
  • Valve Bracket

Installing Key valve on the pillar is quite easy when you follow these four simple steps

Key Valve - Majestic Fountains and More

1. Mark the Spot where you want the key valve to be installed

For installing the key valve on the pillar or pedestal, it must be hollow from the inside in order to latch the escutcheon on the outer surface of the pillar and securing all the fitting from the inside. Make sure you mark the spot you need your key valve to be installed for easy accessibility.

2. Drill a hole using the Drill Machine and masonry hole saw

For, the key valve to be installed, you are required to drill a hole in the place you marked. A drill machine with the masonry hole saw come handy and does the job perfectly.

3. Insert the Valve from outside and secure it with the cap from inside the pillar/pedestal unit

Once the drilling process is complete, you can finally begin the installation process. Insert the chrome key valve escutcheon from outside. The chrome key valve escutcheon looks like a plate featuring an opening for the key, with an attached stem to insert in the hole. The escutcheon latches to the outer surface of the pillar/pedestal. From the inside, place the securing bracket and then the valve onto the stem.

4. Tighten the valve pieces together in place and connect to the fuel line

The securing bracket can be stretched to achieve a tight grip on the surface of the pillar/pedestal. Once the chrome escutcheon, securing bracket and Valve are aligned, tighten the valve together and securing it to your pillar/unit. After securing the valve, you can now proceed to connect all hoses to the burner and fuel line as needed.

Our thoughts:

Key Valve make it easy for you to start and shut-off the fuel connection to the fire feature. It is an important component ensuring safety when the fire bowl or fire table is not in use. With a few easy-to-follow steps, you can have the gas key valve installation done on the spot you desire. 

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