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The Seven Types of Fire Pits to Know

April 01, 2022 5 min read

The Seven Types of Fire Pits to Know

If you're like most people, then you probably enjoy spending time outdoors in the warmth of a fire pit. There's just something about gathering around a fire that makes any event more special. But what type of fire pit should you choose for your next outdoor gathering? Keep reading to learn about the six types of fire pits and find the one that's perfect for you!

1. Classic Fire Pits:

 Classic fire pits are the most popular type of pit and come in two varieties: wood-burning and gas. Wood-burning pits are great for that traditional fire pit experience, while gas pits offer a more convenient option.

Emperor Wood Burning Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art

 If you want the classic fire pit experience, then a wood-burning pit is the way to go. You'll get all the benefits of a traditional fire, plus the added bonus of being able to roast marshmallows!
The benefits of a wood fire pit are simple. Beyond the initial setup, there's no gas lines or moving parts to prevent this low maintenance outdoor cooking device from operating! It usually costs less than many other types existent today too so you can enjoy your new addition without breaking bank account kind habits while still getting everything most people would want out of their home cooked meal - warmth AND flavor!!! 
Gas pits are a great option if you're looking for convenience. With a gas pit, you won't have to worry about collecting wood or starting a fire. Just turn it on and enjoy!
With a beautiful fire at any time, you can enjoy the benefits of cooking with gas without worrying about building fires or paying for expensive wood. The clean burning fuel source means that there's no need to purchase additional items every few months when compared against constant maintenance on an open fireplace. The convenience factor is also high as it once hooked up becomes ready immediately- this makes great sense if installing one in your condo where space may not always permit larger appliances.

2. Fire and Water Features: 

Fire and water features are a unique twist on the classic fire pit. These pits typically feature a self-contained basin that can be filled with water. The water can be used to cool down the fire or create a beautiful visual effect.

TOP Fires Olympian 360 Spillway Fire & Water Bowl in Copper by The Outdoor Plus

A fire and water feature is a great way to create an outdoor living space that you can enjoy year-round. Not only do these unique features provide warmth, comfort but also aquatic ambiance for your patio! You have tons of options when it comes down what type of flames or lakes make up this stunning focal point so go ahead take control today by contacting us at Majestic Fountains and More

A few benefits from having one include:

-Can be used as a cooling source as well - inviting on hot days!
-Fascinates guests and onlookers with the interplay of fire and water
-Great for year-round use
-Adds a touch of luxury to any outdoor space

3. Fire Pits with Seating Around : 

Fire Pit with Seating
Photo Credit @nogalya

Fire pits with seating are a great option if you want to enjoy a fire pit while also being able to sit down and relax. These pits typically feature a built-in bench or other seating area.

A few benefits of having a fire pit with seating include:

-You can enjoy the fire pit while sitting down and relaxing
-The built-in bench or seating area provides a comfortable place to sit
-The bench or seating area can also be used as a table

4. DIY Fire Pits: 

If you're the handy type, then you may want to consider building your own fire pit. There are plenty of plans available online or you could even design your own.

The easiest way to create a cozy atmosphere in your backyard is with an already-molded fire pit. You can either purchase one prebuilt or build it yourself using our easy step by steps guide! With so many shapes, sizes and designs available on Amazon today – how will you ever decide what looks best for where?

DIY Stone Fire Pit

What are some benefits of making them yourself: 

Cost Effective - Depending on the kit YOU buy, or the amount of rocks, bricks, and mortar you have on-hand, building a fire pit can be one of the cheapest backyard upgrades you make
Personalized - There's no end to what you can do when building your own fire pit. If you're feeling crafty, get creative with the design – or even better, find a plan that lets you customize it to your needs and wants
Portable - A DIY fire pit is easy to take apart and move if needed. Whether you want to relocate it to a different spot in your yard or take it with you on camping trips, it's easy to do

5. Gas Fire Tables: 

Gas fire tables are a great option if you're looking for a more modern and convenient look. These tables typically feature an integrated gas burner that can be used with Natural Gas and Liquid Propane. 

Fire Table with Liquid Propane Storage

Benefits of a Gas Fire Table:

The gas fire table is the perfect way to create a focal point within your living space while also offering you functionality as an entertainment centerpiece. Natural Gas line or a Liquide propane connections can be hooked on to the burner directly with a whistle free hose and LP Mixer. Many Fire Table as now available with built-in Liquid Propane tank storage. With shapes and sizes that range from contemporary, classic looks for today's modern homes we have something waiting just on time!

6. Table Top Fire Pits:

 As the name suggests, table top fire pits are designed to be used on a table or other flat surface. These pits are typically small and portable, making them perfect for camping or tailgating. 

Benefits of a Table Top Fire Pit:

The benefits of a table-top fire pit are plenty, but what really makes this product so great? The answer is simple: Gel Fuel-Burning cleanly without odor or harmful chemicals means that you can enjoy ambiance and comfort year round indoors no matter where your home may be located! And since these units operate off just one type of ammunition (gels), they provide both indoor/outdoor functionality making them perfect regardless if the weather changes

7. Fire Urns / Fire Pillars: 

Fire urns and pillars are a beautiful way to add ambiance to any outdoor space. These pieces typically feature an open top design and can be used as standalone pieces or incorporated into other landscaping features. 

Benefits of a Fire Urn:

The beauty and quality of the Fire Urn is unparalleled in its class. The burner supplies a steady flame that will never go out, while also providing ambiance to your patio with an eye catching design!

Fire Pillar with Water feature

Whether you are looking for a classic wood fire pit, a sleek gas fire pit or something more DIY, we have what you need at Majestic Fountains and More. Our wide selection of both indoor and outdoor fire pits will help you find the perfect addition to your backyard oasis. And don’t forget our beautiful water features – they are the perfect way to complete your landscape design.Head over to our website today and take a look around. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! 

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