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How to Protect Your Fire Pit from Rain

by N. Miller March 29, 2022 3 min read

How to Protect Your Fire Pit from Rain

If you have a fire pit on your property, chances are you enjoy using it on warm summer nights. However, when rain is in the forecast, you may be wondering how to protect your fire pit from the elements. Here are a few tips to help you keep your fire pit safe and dry during inclement weather. By following these simple guidelines, you can continue to enjoy your fire pit for years to come. Thanks for reading!

Drainage Keeps Things Dry

Square Burner and PlateDrain Holes on Burner Plate

One of the most important things to remember when protecting your fire pit from rain is to make sure that it is properly drained. The most importantĀ part is the burner area that needs the water to be drained around it. Be sure to inspect the Burner itself and the Burner Plates for built-in drain holes. Thought Built-in Drain holes make it easy to keep the Burner area dry it is very important to make sure any fire media is not blocking the drain holes.

Burners Design

If water accumulates around the fire pit, it can erode the soil and damage the structure itself. To prevent this, make sure that the area surrounding your fire pit is sloped so that water drains away from the pit. You may also want to consider installing a drain or a French drain in order to move water away from the fire pit more quickly.

Place the Cover over the Pit when it's not in Use

Fire Pit Cover

If you're not using your fire pit, be sure to cover it with a protective cover. This will help keep rain and snow out of the pit and protect the surface from damage. There are a variety of covers available on the market, so be sure to choose one that fits your pit size and style.

When choosing a cover for your fire pit, be sure to select one that is made specifically for fire pits. This will ensure that the cover fits well and provides adequate protection from the elements. Additionally, make sure to choose a cover that is made from a durable material, such as vinyl or canvas, which can withstand heavy

The easiest way to keep your fire pit dry and clean? Cover it!

Square Fire Pit Steel LidĀ Ā Photo Credit @AmericanFireGlass

This is probably the most important step in keeping your fire pit dry during inclement weather. A good quality fire pit cover will protect your pit from both rain and snow, and will also keep out any debris that might fall into the pit. Be sure to choose a cover that is made specifically for fire pits, as this will ensure a good fit. Many options are available in vinyl or metal covers, which prevent errant debris from falling into the pit. Your cover can help you maintain its aesthetics as well - think about what style of architecture fits best with yours when choosing one- stone has a classic green/blue patina while copper offers rustic shine for example.

It's important to put the cover on your fire pit whenever it's not in use, especially during bad weather. This will help keep the pit dry and prevent any damage. Mixing rain and ash is not the best idea when it comes to cleaning your grill. The acidity in these substances will eat through metal, stone or even wood; making cleanup difficult if you don't get them cleaned quickly enough! And with all this sludge sitting on top of wet leaves from last night's storm? You're guaranteed an unpleasant odorĀ that puts a damper onto any evening spent roasting marshmallows (not too mention how much harder everything gets). winter isnā€™t much better either--that same pile could freeze over during cold spells-

Store Movable Pits in Covered Areas

If you're looking for a way to keep your outdoor fire pits in good condition while also protecting them from the elements, consider storing them in a covered area when they're not in use. Doing so will prolong the life of your fire pits and help ensure that they're always ready to use when you need them. Here are some tips on how to best store your fire pits.

If you have a movable fire pit, be sure to store it in a covered area when not in use. This will protect the pit from rain and snow, and will also keep it clean and free from debris

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