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What are the different fire media options for your fire pit?

September 25, 2023 3 min read

What are the different fire media options for your fire pit?

Be it a fire bowl or a fire pit table, accessorizing it with the right components can change the look of your fire feature. When we say accessorizing, fire media is first thing that comes to our mind. Let’s learn about the different fire media available for your fire feature.

What is Fire Media?

Fire media refers to the decorative fire glass, lava rocks, Polished and unpolished lava stones and fire logs used to cover the burner of a fire bowl or fire pit table. These classy accessories elevate the look of any fire bowl or firepit table with their alluring looks. Fire media also helps the fuel supply of the fire feature to disperse in a uniform manner which results in consistent flames. Fire media covers the burner of the fire feature keeping it dust and debris free. Hence, it not only act as a decorative add-on but also as a protective layer by concealing the fire pan and Burner of your fire bowl or fire table.

Different Types of Fire Media

Fire media are available in a lot of shapes, sizes, and styles. Discover the Various options and select the best and most effective fire burning media for a cozy outdoor atmosphere.

Reflective fire Glass

Yosemite Reflective Fire Glass  Azuria Reflective Fire Glass Gold Reflective Fire Glass
Yosemite Reflective Fire Glass - Majestic Fountains Azuria Reflective - Majestic Fountains and More Gold Reflective - Majestic Fountains and More

The Reflective Fire glass are small pieces of translucent, colored glass. These are tempered glass bits that feature a sparkly appearance giving the illusion on crystals and shiny jewels. The reflective fire glass is treated and tempered and hence, they have a high melting point making them the perfect accessory for your fire bowls, fire tables or commonly known as firepit tables. These fire glass does not emit any smoke.

Reflective fire glass is available in numerous colors which does not fade away. The Reflective fire glass are available in two sizes – half-inch chunks and quarter-inch chunks – both look unique and attractive. Explore the Reflective fire glass options on majestic fountains and more and select the one that will truly accentuate your gas fire pit.

Lava Rocks

Lava Rocks - Majestic Fountains and More

Lava rocks are constituted of the natural and organic volcano magma when it rises to the surface. The magma cools down and releases gases giving the lava rocks a coarse surface. Hence, Lava rocks feature a raw and unpolished appearance that makes your fire table look classic and timeless. Due to their volcanic nature, lava rock tend to withstand extremely high-temperatures.

Rich in texture and color, these intriguing fire pit rocks add a mesmerizing appeal to your fire bowl or fire table.

Luster Fire Glass

Bronze Luster Fire Glass Midnight Blue Luster Fire Glass Twilight Luster Fire Beads
Bronze Luster Fire Glass - Majestic Fountains


The Luster Fire Glass are chunks of colored translucent glass. These small pieces of tempered glass come polished with smooth edges. They are available in various shapes and styles such as the six-side smooth fire glass cubes and fire glass beads. The luster fire glass is available in various colors to choose from, making them the perfect accessory for your fire tables and fire bowls.

Tumbled Lava Stones


The tumbled lava stone are crafted from the naturally occurring volcanic rock. after cooling, these rocks are broke down and under go a tumbling process to acquire those smooth surface and edges. constructed of the volcanic rock, these Lava stone can undergo high temperature. They are high quality, low maintenance, durable and cost effective. With their smooth finish, they add an elegant touch to your fire feature. 

Lite Ceramic Stone Fire Balls

The lite ceramic stone fire balls are the best option when you are aiming for a neat and uncluttered look for your fire feature. Constructed of all-weather ceramic base materials, the Lite Ceramic Stone Fire Balls are freeze tested & fire approved. These ceramic balls are designed to be used with lava rocks as a base. Clean burning and ash free, the lite ceramic stone fire balls emit no smoke or harmful fumes, although carbon (soot) may build up where the flame encroaches on the balls.

Our Thoughts:

Fire media conceals the burner and fire pan while giving an elegant touch to your fire feature and hence, choosing the correct type of fire media is important. If you want to achieve that extravagant look, suggest you go for the reflective fire glass available in various colors that with complement the fire bowl or fire pit table. The lava rock are perfect option when you eye a natural look, while the tumble lava stones are sure to provide a sophisticated and polished look to your fire feature.


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