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Blue Thumb

Blue Thumb
Blue Thumb - Basalt fountians

Blue Thumb manufactures products to help you design, install, and maintain better water features. This includes fountains, ponds, and waterfalls for both residential and commercial settings.

Blue Thumb offers a wide variety of Real Stone Fountains. Basalt and Artisan Fountains are cut to show off the stone’s natural beauty. Zenshu Fountains create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere right in your backyard. Granite Fountains capture the balance between motion and stillness with some of the most unique cuts and twists. Find the fountain that is perfect for you!

Ceramic Vase Fountain

Garden environments, entryways, driveways or courtyards are all enhanced by the presence of a fountain. Peaceful, elegant and timeless – fountains bring auditory and visual beauty together to provide pleasure to everyone. Fountains come in countless sizes, designs, materials and colors. Aqua Bella has a wide selection of fountains with finishes in a full spectrum of colors. The vases featured in our collection are naturally rustic, as they are intentionally glazed unevenly, and contain variations in both color and texture. No two pieces are alike, but all share an inherent beauty.

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