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A Buying Guide To Glass Fire Pit Wind Guards

December 01, 2022 4 min read

A Buying Guide To Glass Fire Pit Wind Guards

To get the most out of your gas fire pit for as long as possible and to enjoy it safely, a wind guard is a must-have accessory. A high-quality glass fire pit wind guards protects the fire from the elements and keep it burning steadily, even on windy evenings when a gas flame can splutter or go out completely.

If you've ever used a fire pit, you know that even a moderate breeze may shift the position of the flame, and a strong breeze can snuff it out totally. Because of the potential for chaos, wind guards should be standard equipment.

What Are Glass Fire Pit Wind Guards?

There's a good reason wind guards for fire pits are the most popular fire pit accessory. They are an easy and effective way to deal with a stray flame in the breeze. You need a wind guard if you have a gas fire pit in your backyard. They shield the fire from the wind, making it more enjoyable and providing a barrier between the fire and your table, protecting you and your furniture.

Clear tempered glass that can endure high temperatures and yet allows you to see your fire is the material of choice for most wind guards. Protecting your tabletop from scratches and scrapes, they typically rest on fire-resistant metal brackets and are kept in place with nonslip rubber feet.


Rectangular Glass Wind Guard - 1/2" Thickness

Fire Pit Wind Guards Shapes

Advantages Of Having A Glass Fire Pit Wind Guards

They prevent the flame from flickering.

A light wind is all it takes to blow out the flames in your fire pit table. The wind guard keeps those bothersome drafts at bay, keeping your fire blazing bright and steady all evening.

They offer an extra layer of security.

There's no disputing that fire is fascinating. However, if you have a lower-to-the-ground table, you may want the extra piece of mind that the fire wind guard will assist keep small children and wandering pets away from the open flames.

They may be able to save you money.

When a flame is unattended, it must burn more vigorously to fight the wind's efforts to put it out. Unfortunately, this additional heat necessitates more gasoline, which may quickly pile up. With a glass wind guard installed, the fire will not have to work as hard, saving you money on gas costs.

They aid in keeping unwanted stuff out.

A cold autumn evening is the best time to use your fire pit table. Unfortunately, this is when seeds and leaves might wind up in flames. Using a wind guard, you will only have to clear less debris before and after usage.

They'll look great on your fire pit table.

Fire wind guards provide far more than simply functional advantages. They are a simple and worthy investment to make your fireplace more contemporary and appealing. 

Low Maintenance

Fire glass never melts, burns, or changes color. The glass emits no smoke, leaves no soot, and does not have to be attended to while burning. You can ignite a fire and let it burn without continually tending to it or feeding the flames. Because soot and ash aren't present, fire glass rarely needs to be cleaned. If dust accumulates on your fire glass over time, you may clean it by hand with a light dishwashing detergent or warm water and vinegar.


fire pit without wind guard


How To Choose The Perfect Fire Pit Wind Guard Size?

Choose a shape that complements your fire pit.

As simple as it may sound, you should find a wind guard that matches the actual shape of your fire pit.

Determine the proper size for your fire pit.

The wind guard must be larger than your fire pit's opening, which is the most important requirement. The wind guard should never be placed inside the burner pan, as its intended use is outside the fire.

Select the wind guard style that you like

There are two types of wind guard construction: those held together along with metal clamps and those glued together.

  • Windshields that are clapped together feature metal corner clips that hold the glass panels firmly, and the bottom clamps often have rubberized feet to keep the wind guard in place.
  • Bonded glass wind guards have a one-of-a-kind design that includes no metal clamps. Instead, the edges are glued together to hold the glass wind guard firmly.

Choose the desired height.

Most glass wind guards come in 6-10-inch heights, but they may be modified if necessary. For example, shorter wind guards are appropriate for smaller fire pits and provide enough protection, whereas higher wind guards are perfect for bigger fire pits and longer glass panels.

Select the appropriate glass thickness.

Glass wind guards come in a range of glass thicknesses ranging from 3/16" and 1/4" to 3/8" and 1/2". Nowadays, most glass wind guards are made of 3/16" thick glass.


Fire pit wind guards are an attractive accessory for your fire pit. Wind gusts can cause fires to splutter, flicker, or go out entirely, but these guards prevent this from happening. Wind guards are another fire safety measure that may be taken to ensure that nothing flammable gets too close to the fire. 

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