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Outdoor Plus Tiki Torches: Our Top Recommended Products

November 17, 2022 5 min read

Outdoor Plus Tiki Torches: Our Top Recommended Products

Tiki torches are an exciting and entertaining way to provide light to your outside area and give it a more tropical feel. You may use them to light up your garden walk or backyard party and not have to swat away pesky bugs all night long.

The best tiki torches serve various purposes, one of which is to provide soft, ambient illumination. Modern designs for outdoor lighting components are works of beauty that also serve practical purposes.

You can discover Tiki torches that may be utilized season after season. While modern steel tiki torches may not have the same retro charm as their bamboo predecessors, they will surely draw attention to your garden.

What's a torch if the gas has run out? There are many types of fuel available for Tiki torches. Your nightlight will last long thanks to its efficient design and high-quality fuel, so you won't have to interrupt the festivities. Modern Tiki torches designed for table centerpieces provide a brilliant beam of light. Finally, these torches aren't limited to the outskirts of the celebration; now, you can go up close and personal.

Tiki Torches Safety Tips

  1. To ensure torches attached to fences are securely fastened, they should be examined from all sides. Tabletop models are best placed in the middle of a table's surface.
  2. Never use a tiki torch indoors or in a closed space; the smoke may spread fast and be exceedingly poisonous. Even worse, it can significantly increase the danger level in tight spaces.
  3. Make sure you always have at least one fire extinguisher that uses chemicals: A person may trip over a torch, or a limb could catch fire and cause a disaster. Fuel will leak even more if you use a garden hose.
  4. Don't let anything block the tiki torch's light: Remove the litter of dead plants and leaves accumulated on the floor. Ensure there are no trees, flags, awnings, or patio umbrellas overhead before mounting a torch.
  5. It's important to replace any broken or worn parts quickly: The fuel tank, the torch body, the torch pole, the wick, and the crown cap.

Tiki Torches Base and Mounting options

Choose form two torch base options - The Original TOP base or TOP-LITE base
Original TOP Torch Base: Built-in Needle valve for precise flame adjustment, torches can be fitted onto any 2 1/2″ post with hex bolts, 3/8″ flared gas inlet.

TOP-Lite Torch Base: Designed for easy installation. 1/2″ Gas inlet torches can be fitted to any 1/2″ gas pipe with threading.

They can also be configured to have different Mounting options that best suite where these torches are to be posted.  .
In-Ground Post: When choosing the Original TOP Base, the best option Torch mounting option is to install the Torch on the TOP Fires In-Ground Postwhere the gas line can be securely hidden inside the Post. The In-Ground Post is made in Aluminum and comes in Black powder coating to withstand the elements.

Deck Post mounting plate:If installing on a Deck or Patio, you may also choose to add the Deck Post mounting plate. The Deck Postis made of Steel and has a black powder coating. It is designed to secure your post on solid ground/deck or patio and built strong to withstand the elements for years to come.

X-Cross Torch Stand with Triangle base: Designed to hold 2 fire torches with its X cross shape Crisscross Steel Pipes. Made in Steel and Black Powercoat finish, its strong and made to withstand the elements for years to come. The point of contact between the pipes has a manual shut off valve and LP regulator. The X-Cross Torch Stand with a Triangle base has third pipe to create a Triangle shape that offers stability to the base and can accommodate a standard 20-lb Propane tank at its center. 

Recommended Products

TIKI Fire Torch 14" in Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus


TIKI Fire Torch 14" in Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus
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The Tiki Torch, along with its Original TOP Torch Base, is an excellent choice for entertaining guests outdoors. The classic base of the TOP torch offers a foundation that is both secure and robust, while the streamlined design made of stainless steel is both sophisticated and enduring. The Tiki Torch will unquestionably make any outdoor area more welcoming and entertaining to spend time in.

GOTHIC Fire Torch 14" in Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus


GOTHIC Fire Torch 14" in Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus
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By incorporating our High-Quality TOP Torches into your landscape design, you may improve the whole swimming experience in your pool. Made of steel, thus, they are shielded from repeated heating and cooling that might cause other metals to deteriorate. In addition, stainless steel protects against corrosion, a problem that can be brought on by exposure to natural factors.

BOX WEAVE Fire Torch 14" in Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus


BOX WEAVE Fire Torch 14" in Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus
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The Outdoor Plus Box Weave Fire Torch is the perfect accessory to add fun to your next outdoor party. Your guests are going to like it simply! These torches are available in Natural Gas and Propane variations and are crafted from gorgeous and long-lasting stainless steel.

This "Box Weave" gas torch is made of stainless steel and measures 14 inches in height. Its diameter measures 3 and 3/4 inches, and it may be hung on a pole or placed straight on your outdoor deck. The "Box Weave" gas fire torch will illuminate your outside environment, allowing you to keep the celebration going well into the night. In addition, the Outdoor Plus fire torch provides elegant illumination for your deck or patio.

HAVANA Fire Torch 14" in Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus


HAVANA Fire Torch 14" in Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus
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With the modern torch from Top Fires named the Havana, which features an easy-to-use match-lit ignition, you can make the most of your time entertaining guests in your garden.

This splendid torch is made to last and will continue to serve you well for many years, thanks to its cutting-edge design and classic good looks. Natural gas or liquid propane can be used without any problems. The Original TOP and the TOP-LITE torch bases are available to choose from. Propane and Natural Gas fuel types are compatible with the torch bases. Pick the base that works best with your style.

SPIRAL Fire Torch 14" in Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus


SPIRAL Fire Torch 14" in Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus
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Choose the Outdoor Plus Spiral Stainless Steel Gas Fire Torch to add a touch of beauty to your outside space. Our TOP Torches are handmade and made by skilled artisans. They're resistant to extreme temperatures and weather since they're crafted from premium stainless steel. This stylish torch will last you a lifetime.

Compatible with natural gas and liquid propane. You may choose between the Original TOP and the TOP- LITE torch bases, all of which are compatible with either Propane or Natural Gas. Find the perfect base to suit your style.


The best tiki torches can breathe fresh life into any outdoor setting. Tiki torches made of steel are reliable and long-lasting.  There's no doubt that having one is a decision you won't regret.


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